Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I awake in the deep dark
of the night
to see
a huge round
full-faced moon
staring in
at me
as if it had zoomed close
with my eyes closed,
I catching it
before it rose.

There she sat,
perched in the bowl
of my old tree,
like an over-sized
Christmas ornament
thus adorning
just for me
the starkly bare
and brittle branches and,
much more,
allowing me to see
its beauty
than I ever have

I stare back:
eternal purveyor
of myth and mystery,
as if it holds the secret
of whatever is to be
and has ventured thus
to urge me forth
from out
my purple bed,
to find a path
where all my
broken dreams
can be
much better fed.

This radiant
so-close moon
and I agree:
surrender to no man,
and yet,
in giving
I'm most free.
This silvery ambassador
is urging me
to find a way
to give
all that I can -
Mandarin Midnight Moon
that sailed here
last night
from Japan.


  1. Oh my goodness, this is absolutely beautiful. The last part, "Mandarin Midnight Moon that sailed here last night from Japan" took my breath away...
    I'm following, because it is so nice to come across a poet every now and again!
    Thank you for the visit to my blog! :)

  2. Alexis, so nice to see you here! Thank you so much!

  3. This is a very beautiful poem Sherry. Were we looking at the same moon last night. Loved the name you gave it. Mandarin Midnight Moon! Love Love Love!
    Good to see you girl!

  4. This is an exquisite piece, Sherry. Just this morning my eastward window showed me the sky on fire, just as it appears in this picture..I thought, therein lies a poem, but I see you have beaten me to it. lol.
    This says everything with an eye for beautiful detail. Perfection.

  5. Beautiful and so reflective, Sherry, You really have a strong identity with the moon.

  6. This is a beautiful poem, you described it all so wonderfully. As though you caught it unawares before being lead down the silvery path.

  7. Lovely poem. How wonderful that we all share the same moon from one side of the globe to the other!

  8. it certainly is beautiful. it was captivating from the start. that bit of purple popped in there was professional:)

  9. still and beautiful. even some concrete elements, as the 3rd stanza is almost moon-shaped.
    your words here are wise, as i often struggle with the issue of giving fully to others without losing my own footing...

    such a piece. ... i'll wish for a moonvisit of my own tonight.

  10. So, so beautiful Sherry, you really have a special way when talking about the things of nature. Gorgeous writing, I loved it! :-)

  11. Wonderful poem, you found something really special in this.

  12. You paint a picture I would buy. The description and beauty of your words are simply wonderful in this poem. I want that view Sherry


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