Friday, August 20, 2010

A heart full of tears

Wow. An emotional day for this tired old heart.

My elderly dog is letting me know very soon it will be Time for him to leave.

This evening I packed up three adorable beautiful happy children that I have provided respite care for for three years, and said goodbye to them for the last time. They dont know it's the last time. Two of them are too young to comprehend what will soon be happening, and the oldest, only five himself, knows the information, but doesnt yet understand what that really means.

Soon they will be going from their foster home to an adoptive home on the mainland. Ultimately the best thing for them, but in the process, their little hearts will go through some wrenching days and weeks, I am sure. Each of them carried with them the biggest softest stuffed animal I could find, nearly as big as they are, and I told them if they are ever feeling sad, to give their animals a hug and it would be like a hug from me.

One thing for sure, they - and I - will have so many happy memories of times we spent together.

THEN, I watched what is perhaps the most beautiful, moving, heartbreaking, uplifting movie I have ever seen: My Name is Khan. Anyone who loves humanity and has hope in their hearts will love this film. It is the love story of a Muslim man with Asperger's Syndrome and a Hindu woman. But it is much more than that. A tragedy befalls their family after 9/11, and Khan goes on a journey across America, with the trueness of his heart showing people "I am not a terrorist." I spent the last half of the movie in tears.

Whew. An emotional workout for this old stoic! Off to bed. Tomorrow is Gnarly Boy, aged fourteen and with his own challenges, and another day in the life :)


  1. You sure had a heartfull day! Just reading this tugged at my heart strings! I love your words and gifts of love. Huge stuffed animals providing memory hugs! YOU are a gracious gal! I will have to check out that movie! (((HUGS)))
    enJoy your furry pets today, too!
    They provide us with so much warmth and tenderness. I will post about my beagle...Buster.

  2. I also wanted to add, I know your heart is big! Opening your heart and home is a huge act, not just kindness, but of the giving spirit of humanity!

  3. Bollywood! ooh la la !

    Shahrukh Khan and me are about the same age lol

    Hugs, mother hen :)

  4. You touched my always. Goodbyes are so tough but how wonderful the experiences and the memories.

    In a few minutes I pick up my 14 yr old from teen camp. I can't wait,I haven't heard from him in seven days and i miss him so.

    happy day and hugs to you!

  5. Sherry,
    You need to email me; then I can notify CSN. They will email you your gift certificate!!! Congrats~

  6. Cant seem to access The Hardest Goodbye which can be seen in the dashboard but not in your blog ..

  7. Thank you, kind readers. I so appreciate you! Manikchand, that piece is still in draft, will be some time before it is out:)

  8. Dear Sherry,
    I just came over after reading your comment in my blog, and I was floored. You are right, we are kindred souls...Both my husband and I, and yes, our daughter Irani loved My Name Is Khan.

    It is story full of messages that has to be retaught to mankind.

  9. Yes, I wish everyone on the planet could watch it - especially all North Americans!


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