Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Gifts of the Day

A river off of Great Central Lake, a few miles out of town.
A number of houseboats are moored on the lake - I always wish I lived in one!

My boy, happy when he gets to swim
Today, after some angst about Mother Earth, I had one of those full rich days when one cant feel anything but extraordinarily fortunate. I took the doggies for a swim to one of my favorite places, given it is not very developed (yet.)

Pup is showing his age this summer. He loves to swim, but each time, it is harder to get him back up the ramp and into the car - this time he fell flat on the ramp and simply lay there. It took treats , persuasion and will power to get him in......every time, I think: is this the last swim? But THIS day, he did get in, and was a happy boy. I took them home , cool and content.


That's better!

Jasmine loves nothing better than going "swimmies" .

One last circle, then home.......Then I went into town to run some errands. Nothing but treats and delights! At the library I was thrilled to find Arundhati Roy's Listening To Grasshoppers: Field Notes on Democracy. This author wrote the most honest, powerful, searing and informative essay right after 9/11 called The Algebra of Infinite Justice. I cant wait to dive in, but first must finish Mornings In Jenin, the story of a Palestinian family. Also good. I also borrowed some world beat music, on the stereo right now.
At the market, they had fresh prawn Thai noodle bowls, droolingly delicious. I bought one for my supper, and one for my sister as well. It awaits, tantalizingly.
I picked up some groceries and treats for the three little voyagers I will be looking after tomorrow for the last time. I have been providing respite for them, a sibling group, since the oldest, now six, was three. The middle boy is now three and the baby just over a year. I love these kids and they love me. I have cared for them through quite a few changes in their young lives and after tomorrow, they will be going to their adoptive home, all three together. A forever family for these adorably cute, happy little travelers. I think the change is going to be hardest on the baby, who has only been in one home so far and believes the foster mom is her mother. But all we can do, those of us who give support to kids in crisis, is love them well while we have them, and then step back and hope and pray what happens next will be the best thing for them. In this case, a forever home, their best interests have to remain at the top of our minds. I will wait till they are gone to let myself understand it will be the last time. Baby steps:)
When I got home, I opened up my website to discover lovely messages from so many of you. I have to tell you, this is one of my biggest blessings these days, that I am not writing in a vacuum any more. Connecting with other like-minded writers, poets, seekers, dreamers, sharing thoughts and feelings, is something I have been needing and missing. Thank you to all of you for reading my words. I so enjoy hearing from you, visiting your sites, and reading your work in return. One of the best things that has happened to me recently was finding Poets United. Thank you, Robb Lloyd, for all the work you do to provide this meeting place!
Blessings abound. My heart feels very full this day. I am off to eat my Thai noodle bowl, with great enjoyment:) HA! and the movie rental shop just called : the movie I requested for my viewing pleasure tonight is IN!!!!! I am off - I tell you, nothing but blessings!


  1. Dear Sherry,

    I haven't met you or even likely to meet you in person... but it has been a joy to find you on the net like this. Perhaps the Net is one of the biggest blessings allowing people to connect from far away places...

    your post today was refreshing. Yes! there is a lot to be thankful for... and it is people like you, who quietly say what they have to say and share what they have to share that make the world a better place... the world cannot be so bad after all, if it also produces Sherrys of this world.

    I have a special name for people who make the world a better place - Edelweisses... like the song in 'Sound of Music'...

    edelweiss, edelweiss
    every morning you greet me
    pure and white,
    clean and bright,
    you look happy to see me...

    it is the edelweisses that make all the difference.

    Cheers! may your tribe grow...

  2. Sherry your blog is adorable! I found you over at Ellie's blog! I'm so glad I did. What a refreshing blog you have, it's super sweet, fun and cheerful!

    Your puppies look so happy! I know my husband would love to have dogs as big as those, unfortunately living in Houston, in a high rise, mixed with full-time jobs, school and my writing... yeah a dog isn't so easy!

    It was great stopping by and I look forward to following you!

  3. Maya, thank you so much for your wonderful words. They mean so much to me. I noted we are kindred spirits in the pieces of yours I read. Do keep writing, you have important things to say. I look forward to reading more.

    Jen,thank you so much for stopping by. Ellie was one of my first followers, she is wonderful! I am very lucky to be able to have big dogs. A big yard, wilderness not too far away.......hopefully one day you and your husband will be in a situation where you can have at least one - they bring so much love and joy into one's life. (p.s. you must have missed the depressing poems I have been writing about the planet:) Dont look! hee hee)

  4. Isn't it wonderful to bring up your blog and find others have liked what you've written?

    Your photos are lovely. I miss not having dogs. But my apartment is too small for anything but my mysterious cat, Gypsy.

    Have a good weekend, Roland

  5. I love the tone today; So refreshing and taking the time to enjoy Mother Nature's gifts! I love your dog pics. MY pup is 9 and has moments of being a pup, especially if there is a rabbit in our backyard. I have a beagle, with a lot of personality~
    I love beagles, but always wanted either a lab or golden retriever.
    Military housing isn't big; We wanted quite a while before we decided on a family pet! I love how through the net we found each other. I am sorry, I have been out of the loop. Sinus issues, twice this week and getting my daughter ready for high school; Son going back to college. Hubby trip to airport...It has been an odd week. I hope you and your sis enjoyed your Thai type food; YUM!~ You are a wonderful soul...helping out in all facets!
    I hope when I grow up; I'm just like you~ ;-D xXx

  6. Yes, refreshing after all the angst:) You already ARE like me, I can see it in your blog, which I enjoy very much. Hope the bad sinuses behave.....your dog sounds like someone I'd like to meet on your blog....any chance? Thanks for following, Ellie.......Jen stopped by, said you sent her.........her site looks like a ton of fun! What an amazing world this all is, isnt it?

  7. Lovely photos and a lovely post, Sherry. :-)

  8. What a wonderful, peaceful place to spend time with and share it with your best friends. Thanks for sharing it with us, Sherry, and for your continued support of my blog.

  9. Wonderful post Sherry, and I love the dogs...:-)
    Thank you for your kind and wise words at my blog. You are amazing.

  10. What a delightful day you've had. It all sounds so lovely and you've written about it beautifully.

    Thank you for visiting me, I appreciate all your sweet comments.


  11. I so enjoyed reading this slice of your life. Give the dogs a kiss from me. x


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