Wednesday, August 18, 2010


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Behind my closed eyes
at four in the morning,
herds of wildebeeste are moving
fluidly, as one,
across the great brown plains
of the Serengeti.
Lions lie amber
in the setting sun,
while deep in the forest canopy,
green and prime,
gorillas gather
by the ancient baobab,
primordial family
beneath the Tree of Time.
Elephants parade past
giraffes lope by.
Hyenas' songs are shrill
sung to a desert sky.
Zebras thunder
like rippling keyboards
atop the red red sand;
their sharp hooves drum staccatos,
and a quickening
is felt
across the land.
Wandering nomads
in billowing
vermilion and indigo
pace, silent and slow,
beside the farthest sea,
and I begin to understand,
but dont yet know:
am I dreaming of Africa
or is Africa
dreaming me?


  1. Wonderful writing! I could see it all.

  2. Oh Susannah! I was just reading YOUR poetry, and came back to find you here! How lovely!


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