Saturday, August 28, 2010


.....on how funny it is that the cars I used to go out on dates in are now antiques,
and I'm still waiting for Mr. Right! :)



  1. Oh I had a similar moment this morning... I was in my son's counselor's office getting his school schedule and noticed a Beatles poster on her door; it had many (12 I believe) album covers on it and the aging photography made the poster look quite old. I though, will I have one of those on my office door years from now of Pearl Jam or Soundgarden? What will the youngsters think of it? I hear ya (though I did find Mrs. Right:)

  2. Ha..Ha...Dont loose hope.Your Mr.Right will be on your search.Someday you will meet and we will get a nice bunch of poems of happiness..Waiting for that...


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