Thursday, August 26, 2010

Here Comes the Rain

Response to Thursday Think Tank Prompt #12: with perfect timing,
it is raining for the first time in months :)

Here come
the first raindrops
since April,
hitting the dry and dusty earth,
as welcome as silver dollars,
as welcome as a dear friend
who's been gone too long.
Gray clouds have traveled
across the sky
and misted the mountains,
as welcome as the cycle
of the seasons,
turning and turning us
towards fall.
Within, my heart does
a boogie-shimmy,
sings a full-throated
hallelujah chorus.
I want to stamp
in the puddles
like a child,
as soon as
there are puddles.
Each blade of grass
(that's still alive)
has its head tipped back,
mouth open,
an oh-yeah-mama-come-to-meetin'
look on its face.
They are practically
rolling their shoulders
("Baby, it's been
so long!!")
The weeping willows
are doing
the Dance of the Seven Veils.
The horse trough
is drinking it in.
My wolf-dog
is lying
in the rain,
finally cool enough
inside his skin.
In the middle
of a rainforest,
we have been
for months.
So glorious
the sound
of raindrops
on the roof.


  1. Wow, raining there for the first time in months??? Is that greatly unusual for your area?

    I enjoyed thinking about stamping in puddles as I did when I was a child. That was just so much fun after summer rain.

    I enjoyed your poem.

  2. Yes, very unusual - we usually get a lot of rain spring, fall and winter. But this year, not much winter rain, barely any in spring and none at all since April. WAY too hot, everything has been tinder dry. Even today's was just a sprinkle, argh. I am hoping we get a TON of rain through winter, we sorely need it.

  3. I can just "hear" the happiness in this poem over the falling rain. Of human, animals, and plants alike. It must have been a wonderful feeling, and how nice that you captured it in this poem!

  4. Such joy is felt in this poetic verse! Loved seeing the blades of glass, tipped back..Nicely done~xXx

  5. Wonderful. :-)

    The last four lines could even have been a poem on their own . . .

    So glorious
    the sound
    of raindrops
    on the roof.

    Nice writing Sherry. :-)

  6. This poem left me bursting with joy and looking out of the window hoping to see rain ... just wonderful!!
    and thank you so much for your lovely comments x

  7. Dear Sherry,
    Over here we have about 160 days of rain in a year. And on the golf course where I work, it's simply lovely.

    I hate long periods without rain as everything gets dusty, hot and tempers fly. So I can understand the joy you feel here.

    Water - as I said before - so rejuvenating!

  8. I have always love the rain, played with it and have fun with them, even though I knew i might get sick XD

    I have tagged you in a game of Back to School Tag Game:
    (Scroll all the way below)

    Rule: Answer the five questions and tag 5 to ? people whose may be willing to play :)

    Tag along and pass around^^ Have fun!

  9. oh - we had such a lot of rain this summer…
    what a beautiful water poem!

  10. Yes! You've said it perfectly, Sherry..we were so in need of rain, weren't we? This morning it has been falling steadily...the dog and I were happy to go out and frolic in it for a while. I love the notion of Pup welcoming the coolness back...I feel the same.

    And my big weeping willow in the yard is indeed dancing! Great poem...


  11. Sherry this is simply perfect and beautiful. Much wanted rain can bring about a celebration and I feel it in your lovely words...the imagery in this poem is amazing. I think this one is one of my favorites of yours! :-)

  12. I signed up at Poets United for the word of the week. I was stunned the word was PAIN. I think I will join in once in awhile!
    So, Happy you have rain, did you do a rain dance?! xXx

  13. Lovely, Sherry.

    It just so happens it's raining here today too. Oh it's always raining, or snowing, here. lol

  14. Well, the strange thing is, it usually rains TOO MUCH here - but not this year! Ellie, glad you'll be popping into Poets United, it's a busy place! Will be good to see you there. So the four last lines could maybe be my first haiku? except not the right amount of syllables, no doubt........

  15. I love the rain dance you did on the page. So much joy and enthusiasm from all of nature and men and women is contagious. Wonderful take on the prompt.



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