Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Creatures of the Woods

photo from
(written in winter)
Somewhere on a mountainside,
a mother bear stirs in her sleep
in her winter cave,
faintly beginning to dream
of springtime berries.
In mountain streams,
fish slowly circle, waiting
until spring
when they'll be eaten
by the bear.
And among the bare brown branches
and broken twigs of winter,
deer move
as elusively as shadows,
their mouths hungry
for the taste
of fresh green leaves.
is all man's hubbub
and commotion,
a muted roar,
as he noisily goes about
the business of getting
his daily food
called Getting More.
I sit as silent as a stone
and long for places
deep within
the forest's heart
where there is
no sound
save wind in treetops
and the soft, padding footsteps
of the creatures
of the woods.


  1. I love how clearly you've painted the contrast between the tranquility of life in the woods, and the chaos created by man as he goes about his mad quest for more, more, MORE!

    Wonderful, winter poem...

  2. Nice piece of writing, Sherry.

    Oh if only we'd stop a while and look at things in nature the way we used to, before all the technology took our brains away into the ether. (I guess that shows my age lol)

  3. Hi, Sherry. Good poetry. You certainly have a deep respect for nature. It shows wonderfully in your poems. Also, thanks for your kind comment on Square Corner. It is exciting to be part of Poets United. My blog friends call me SC.


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