Sunday, August 22, 2010


Oh my goodness! I have had the most wonderful, heart-tugging afternoon, looking through my Grandma's old tattered scrapbook, which she gave to me when she was in the nursing home. Her writing on the cover says 1933.

By now it is tattered - its worn cardboard covers have torn away, the pages are loose, the glue on the back of the photos and clippings has dried, so some of the photos were easy to scan, while others are not available without further damage to the book. But with what is available, I had a glorious time. (Scanning is just the most fun!)

I will be posting over the next few days, photos and what history I remember of those early days of my grandparents' lives. I found a photo of Punch, the little cow pony who was hit by a train in a snowstorm - I will put that photo above his story next.

But today, just quickly, I have included two newspaper articles that I had totally forgotten about. When I began writing when I was fourteen, some teachers took notice. I was asked to write a weekly school column for the local newspaper and soon the local paper offered me a job, in the form of cub reporter during summers and school holidays. All through high school, I did feature stories, straight news stories, interviews, and at times filled in for the proofreader when she was on holidays. It was a wonderful training in journalism which I could have pursued, had I not been distracted by wanting marriage, a home and children. Sadly, I turned my back on the newspaper business after a few short years in the "biz". I remember my editor throwing his pen across the room in frustration when I told him I was leaving to get married, and muttering "damn boys!" to the air. :)

I know. I could have done so much with my life, had I not so badly needed a home in this world. (Sadly, it would be years later, before my children and I would find and create our own home. But thankfully, I did keep writing, on my own, through the years.)

The top clipping is when I won third place in a province-wide contest for essays on the topic of Peace. I wish I had that essay now, but I dont and have no idea what I wrote. But my longing for world peace - and domestic peace - and personal peace - developed in me very early on:) It has been the guiding force in my life. Domestic and personal peace I have achieved. World peace is going to take a little longer:)

This other clipping is an article I wrote in twenty minutes when the editor asked me for a teen's impressions of Christmas. He was floored when I handed it to him, he read it and said "you wrote all this just now in twenty minutes?" Yup. Always a wordy lass! (I think my next challenge will have to be haiku to see if it is POSSIBLE for me to be succinct. Not too likely!) The title reads "Memory Making Events Still Part of Christmas".

It was good to find these two forgotten clippings. Maybe one day I'll type out the Christmas article for you........closer to Christmas, maybe?
It has been wonderful, sifting through all of this stuff. Stay tuned. My grandma in her wedding outfit, back in 1913..........her with her first born.......looking so young........her with her horse old general store about as big as a carport on "Four Corners Road" - with not a corner OR a road in sight-in the middle of the lone prairie!
I have had SUCH a fun afternoon!


  1. Excellent post, Sherry. I enjoyed reading this.

    The love of writing is always there, in each of who want to become professionals, from a very early age.

    You have a way with words, Sherry. :-)

  2. Such a treasure trove you have in this scarapbook, Sherry! I've been enjoying the family memories you've posted so far..good to know there are more to come.

    My first writing wish was to be a journalist, but I was a shy, damaged child who could never have approached people...not reporter material at all, but it didn't stop me dreaming!!

    Have fun with your scanner....:)

  3. When I remember growing up, one of my most prominent memories is going to sleep and waking up to the sound of a typewriter. I've always been very proud to be the daughter of a writer :) Am looking forward to seeing these scanned images too! xx

  4. I love this and how you spent your afternoon, reflecting in the star dust of your family and your youth!
    You are so pretty in your pic; Wide eye and ready to take on the world!
    I bet you still could write for a paper. I look forward to a book, your book, a memoir of your life experiences...poems and all. I look forward to hearing these stories of your family and what matters most. I peeked at your
    Christmas is great, what I read! Please work on your book...Your words paint magical scenes of awareness, what matters and compassion! xXx

  5. Our cherished family and treasured memories...we are so blessed to have you Sherry. Love Sandi


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