Thursday, August 19, 2010


[This was written in response to Poet United's Thursday Think Tank Prompt # 11 : Pain. This is the list that comes to mind but I am sure it would be longer if I took more time. It was getting too depressing:)]
Tofino Creek in Clayoquot Sound. Photo from
What pains me?
The sight of logging trucks
heading out of town
with the last of our forests,
transporting jobs to
Somewhere Else,
leaving hillsides of waste
like corpses strewn
on the field of battle.
What pains me?
Dolphins being massacred
in the bays of Japan,
frantically trying to escape
with their babies
in a sea of blood.
Whales, dead on the beach
from ocean toxins.
Ocean plankton,
half our world's oxygen source,
reduced by 40%
since 1950.
Because of humans.
Because of us!
Oil spills, global warming,
multinationals raping the planet
for profit,
and destroying our grandchildrens'
childrens' tomorrows.
Hungry and displaced
wild creatures
of all kinds.
Mistreated and abused
animals and children.
The mentally ill, the homeless,
the suffering hordes
of refugees
moving across desert landscapes.
Pakistan, struggling in a sea of mud.
Flood victims in Pakistan - CBC photo
Warfare and all manner
of fractious inharmoniousness,
over differing ideologies,
which makes as much sense as
killing each other
because we prefer
different types of jam.

What pains me?
Not being able to do much
but write poems about
all of the above.

What pains me?
Growing old and
having taken
far too long
to grow wise.

What hurts?
Being wise.


  1. This really touches my heart, I am really feel the pain that you had written, may Mother Earth be saved one day :) and peace comes, differences shall go away and may the people live in a place where peace and harmony exist :)

  2. This is sad and beautiful. I would like to imagine a world where none of this exists, but unfortunately they are facts of this life.

    And, writing poetry is a great way to touch and inspire people. So, instead of feeling life you have grown old and do not make an impact you should try and realize the words you put on a page make an enormous impact. Hopefully they make such an impact it inspires anyone of us reading to get our buts up and do something!

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Wonderfully written piece! This reminds me of a children's film, made long ago, I believe it was called Ferngully. I haven't seen it in years, but it touches what this poem touches. Great post!

  4. And what about heartbreak
    and losing someone

    what about farewells

  5. what hurts?
    being wise...

    she says... yes, sherry... that's what hurts most, isn't it... that the path to wisdom is strewn with all that you have said and more... wish wisdom would come easier...

  6. Words matter...words have power..they can change minds and turn lives around.
    It is my hope that poems like this can inspire change and that we may yet build a world wherein peace and harmony matter more than money and power. If enough of us believe and work toward healing the earth, anything is possible...

  7. To echo a bit of what Maya said and to partially steal from Spiderman, With knowledge comes great responsibilty. Ignorance is truly bliss is not? Turn off the TV and the Computer and you can claim you dont know. You capture so much with your words and imagery...its sad and sweet all at once. A great poem thank you for sharing.

  8. Oh, thanks, kids! This makes me feel better. I do believe words have the power to inspire change, the power to heal, the power to help understand....and I HAVE to believe a transformation of consciousness can still occur on this bumbling old planet. It just needs to hurry!

    Manikchand, I have other poems about heartbreak and loss, as my life has been full of both. Stay tuned:)

    Thank you all for reading and commenting..........I LOVE hearing from every single one of you! You make my day!

  9. Your heartbreaks are painful, but your true heart is beautiful. Thank you for sharing. :-)

  10. Sherry Blue Sky,
    You have written some very powerful words, which evoke such sad images, but reality at work.
    You have an excellent sense of social and environmental conscience.
    Thank you for educating me, via this prompt.
    Best wishes, Eileen

  11. What a sad litany. I agree, just writing about it seems to do little but people reading each others words the world over MUST have some effect!

  12. Sherry, you have certainly shared a lot of the pain of the world right now. I share your pain. I wish so many things were different.

  13. Der Sherry,
    I once wrote about the dolphins killed in Japan aand the tragedy of Bhopal. Aand more atrocities of mankind.

    We share a common cause.

  14. Dear Sherry,

    This is an awesome and painful poem. If only it had a wider audience. Bravo to you for writing it.

  15. Lovely writing Sherry.

    If only we knew then what we know now, and had all the energy that comes with youth. Maybe we would do more to make this world a better place.

  16. So tragically true.....


    Sad that wisdom hurts us so....but enlightening as well.

    Nice show of what is important...

  17. Being wise - there lies the true pain. In some ways I envy those who live their lives ignorant to our planet's suffering. What pleasant days they must have.

    Your poem, along with it's painful photos, made me cry. I'm sad to say you did a great job capturing real pain.

    - Dina

  18. you have explored in this poem some aspects of pain i really never thought about. like the massacre of dolphins and whales and deforestation. very informative poem. i can see that you are very passionate.

  19. yes so sad isn't it, if we really knew the extent of some atrocities we'd really be sick. btw the saying from spiderman is that with great power comes great responsibility.

  20. This is beautiful. Thank you for touching on these issues, and giving voice to those who cannot speak for themselves(at least not in a language we acknowledge).

  21. a painful tribute to all that needs to change in our world... hopefully, before it is too late!

  22. YOUR voice is loud and clear, so much we can't do! It is painful to know the reality. Amazing piece, how much emotion you fit in this poem. It makes me feel so much...great job~


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