Friday, August 27, 2010

A Prayer for Morning (Mourning?)

[I have this picture hanging on my office wall, tho I borrowed this image from It is the White Buffalo Woman, painted by Lakota artist Vic Runnels. It portrays the white buffalo which transformed into a beautiful woman, appearing to two Sioux braves in South Dakota 2000 years ago. She gave their tribe a sacred bundle and told them when a white buffalo calf was born, it would be near the time when she would return to purify the world and bring back harmony and balance. The white buffalo calf Miracle was born in 1994 in Janesville, Wisconsin, and died in 2004.]

What Our Hearts Want:
for the global consciousness
to rise across the face
of this beautiful and
perilous planet.

everyone: Rise Up
and say
we want
the War Machine
to stop
the Peace Machine
to begin

rise up, rise up
strong-hearted women
and gentle-hearted men

replace the monetary
bottom line
with the sustainable-living
bottom line

instead of billion dollar
killing machines
build billion-dollar
feeding machines
to feed instead of bomb
the world's poor

Given the status quo
it's tempting to think
it is impossible

but it is Possible

It only takes
a billion wills
to make it so


  1. How lovely this is Sherry. I love the telling of the Lekota mythology, accompanied by that beautiful picture and your words provide a recipe of what the Buffalo woman must do to purify the world we live in. She has her work cut out for her. Really special, thanks for sharing.

  2. Spectacular poem, Sherry!! And the photo illustrates it so perfectly. Wow!

    Count me as one of the billions working to make change happen...

  3. yes... that's what we need - strong-hearted women and gentle-hearted men... this was really beautiful, sherry... i am happy we are part of the billion wills that hopefully will eventually get made.

  4. We need a world-wide flash mob!

    Funny, almost nobody says they want war, yet we always seem to have it.

    (Doing my part, with a gentle heart)

  5. Wise words. We collectively can choose the right path.

  6. Strong write. Excellent message. Thanks Sherry.

  7. Yes! Yes! Yes! We can do it...wonderfully done Sherry.

  8. I am glad you reposted this ~ Yes, this is what we need ~ peace instead of war ~

  9. I found myself nodding in agreement throughout, Sherry! I wish everyone thought the same and believed it possible!! Peace shall overcome one day. :)

  10. Amen....its such an offing waste. Thanks Sherry, I like listening to you.

  11. I think only a huge catastrophy will alter modern mans mindset back from idolizing money and into love of fellow man once more.
    Some of us are waking up Sherry but, it needs to be on a global scale.
    A lovely prayer.

  12. I think this way about a lot of things in life. That if we all just stood up against it. It does work. Right now I'm thinking about the bullying that is going on and always has and I have hope that bringing it to light again and again will help. Great poem of hope.

  13. So yes.
    i'm all about the triple bottom line. I wonder if you've heard of the book 'Inquiries into the nature of Slow Money,' by Woody Tasch.

    it's a joined will.
    a buffalo stomp.
    a rising.


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