Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Big Thank You to Poets United

If you write poetry, or just enjoy reading it, check out Poets United. It is a fast-growing, on-line poetry website that the moderator, Robb Lloyd, has put a ton of work into. He offers Thursday Think Tank prompts, the Poetry Pantry, where poets can post a poem for perusal and comments, interviews with featured poets and many activities designed to help poets network, gain inspiration and encourage each other.

When I started my poetry blog, I kept looking for poets on-line without much success. Then I went to Blogger Help and someone thankfully suggested Poets United. I visited, submitted something and the community accepted me in so generously.

Immediately I had that connection with other poets I had so been missing. It is wonderful to have feedback on one's writing, and not be writing into a vacuum. It also inspires me to KEEP writing, provides some inspiration and motivation.

Many thanks to Robb for the very effective and supportive site. I so appreciate all of you whom I have met through Poets United. Thank you to every single person who has taken the time to visit my site, read something, leave encouraging comments.........I cant tell you how much I appreciate every single comment.

You can check out Poets United here:


This week I am the featured poet of the week.

If you wish, you can read my interview here:


  1. Congratulations on being featured poet. It is indeed a wonderful community!!! Poets are such nice people. Nice to have met YOU at Poets United!

  2. Your interview was terrific, glad to see your amazing talent brought into the spotlight it truly deserves!

    And a huge thank you to Robb for his vision and persistence. He has created a haven of creativity wherein we can nurture one another's writing
    dreams...a wonderful thing, indeed.

  3. I am going to check this out! You are featured; Congrats; your words flow and paint beautiful imagery~


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