Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sanctuary Too

Walking up the path, I see Tibetan prayer flags, fluttering in the breeze. Dogs come running, barking, wagging their tails. There is a clicking and clacking of huge bamboo wind chimes hanging from the porch roof, the sound making me think of Africa.

Next to the bamboo chimes, long aluminum chimes with a mellow gonging tone sound like nothing so much as church bells on a Sunday morning.

The porch is large and square, with a roof, and acts as another room for the small mobile home. There is a porch swing, for sitting and swinging by the hour, sipping tea, cuddling and singing to small children, for sitting and thinking and, especially, for sitting and not thinking.

In the small front room, rainbows dance when sunlight shines through the row of fat prisms hanging across the front window. The babies love to see the rainbows dance! There are First Nations masks, a Tibetan singing bowl, an Asian gong, African drums, soapstone elephants from India: all of the cultures representing the rainbow heart of the person who lives within.

There is music, of all types. There is silence, a mellow peacefulness that visitors respond to, especially the angry or troubled young people who come here to spend time with the resident crone.

There is often loud cackling laughter.

There are books: many books, stories from many lands, tales of the spirit, of transcendence, of humanity and hope.

There is restfulness here, and ease. And gratitude.

It home, my refuge, my sanctuary.


  1. Music + loud cackling is ALWAYS the preface to something grand!

    Grateful to meet you today, on my first attempt at being a part of "thinktank Thursday"!

    My Thursday Think Tank Poem.

  2. Very nice! I was right there on that porch swing with you enjoying every moment!

  3. I love this post, Sherry! Your home sounds charming, but I think the real healing vibes come from your own quiet centre and the gentleness with which you approach life. Children and dogs always know who the truly special people are...


  4. Sherry this is beautiful and peaceful!
    I love your blog!
    I also love children and animals

  5. lovely prose,
    I thought we must submit poetry...

    thanks for sharing!

  6. Thank you, kind readers. Jingle, I will submit poetry next time. This is just what came up for me for Sanctuary today:)

  7. At least you got a home. Seriously.

  8. I know I am fortunate, and I am so grateful for it. My whole life has been in search of a home, so I know how important a need it is and how many millions lack even the barest framework around them for shelter. Even in my little town, we have homeless, and there are 50,000 homeless on the streets of Vancouver. But I know from my reading that this problem is magnified by millions all over the world. It is heartbreaking.

  9. As someone who is from Africa, i understand the reason sounds make you think of Africa. sound are so serene. very nicely written. that is a universal sanctuary.

  10. Beautiful! I just know I would feel very at home in that space.
    Thanks for sharing your sanctuary with us. :-)

  11. Your prose of your sanctuary are poetry to me...lovely our blog! :-)


    claim the poetry son the bottom of the post if you wish.
    Thanks for the support.


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