Thursday, July 22, 2010

Those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer....

Caleb, "Mr. Sunshine", on Wickanninish Beach

This was such a great day! I had just returned to the West Coast, after a snowbound winter in Kitimat, and was staying with Lisa in Ucluelet until I could find a place to rent. She and her four kids, her little Yorkie, Hope, my big old wolf-dog Pup, and I spent the day at the beach. Above, Ali and Caleb and Pup wrangle over some kelp.

Pup wins. The little globby blur in front is not kelp, it is little Hope. People walking by on the beach stopped to laugh at the sight of such disparately-sized critters playing happily together. Pup could have made a snack of Hope, had he chosen to.

Josh and Pup - more kelp :)

Caleb, Hope and Pup

Tyler running on the shore

This is my favorite picture of Lisa and her kids, when they were younger. You cant see Hope, but she is sitting on Lisa's lap. Poor Hope was hit by a truck and died some months after this was taken. We still miss her. It took some time, looking at this photo, before we became aware of a rounded shape on the left over Tyler's shoulder, with two glowing eyes looking eerily out. It is PUP! Hilarious!!!!!!

Those were happy days. Days of childhood and summer, so swiftly gone.


  1. What a wonderful time you all had! That beautiful sunset picture is the perfect capper to the day. Love Pup peering over Tyler's shoulder, but how sad about little Hope! What year was this, Sherry?


  2. 1999, after I came back down from Kitimat, a few months before moving out to Port. I tried to find a place to live in Tofino, likely gave up a bit too soon......and followed Lisa and the kids out to Port. We were all so happy out on the coast! That was a great day.

  3. In these reveries, sherry, you have left the dust of melancholia on me.

    Walking in the blue rain-kissed city
    Walking in the sweet plentitude
    living the silent dreams of tomorrow

  4. Yes, I feel it too. It all goes by so fast. If only we knew how to cherish and lengthen those moments at the time. I love your walking poem! "the blue rain-kissed city." Lucky you, you have rain. We are BAKING-hot over here! Thank you for a beautiful poem to start this day.

  5. i still miss hope :'(
    she was the best dog ever
    she was so great i used to think all the time that i would marry her if i could LOL

    i actually couldnt quite recognize the kid in the first picture (yes, my son) couldn't decide if it was tyler or caleb!?


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