Friday, July 23, 2010

For Stephanie in the cancer ward

[This is my second time around with cancer in one of my children. Stephanie is my youngest, and in 2000 she had cancer, which fortunately was quickly and easily treated and has not recurred. I wrote this for her in the oncology ward, just as I wrote a poem for Jeff in another oncology ward this spring.]

Who could have forseen
when that pink-wrapped bundle was placed in my arms,
little gnome eyes
so fresh from the other world,
or that impish, sunny-haired three-year-old
with laughing eyes
singing "You Are My Sunshine",
(all your life
you have been
my sunshine) -
that we'd find ourselves
this sunny autumn morn
together in the cancer clinic
both smiling bravely
(we are Can-Do people)
you donning larger versions
of those long-ago gowns and booties,
going into the procedure room
fortunately unaware
of what yet may lie ahead,
in Optimistic Mode:

all will be well
all will be well
all will be exceedingly well
because it must be,
because you are my golden child
and I could not live
in a world without
your sunshine.

Ten years later: still cancer-free! Blessings abound!


  1. She is beautiful; I love the tribute to her! Your pink bundle of joy~ I am happy she is a survivor!


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