Tuesday, July 6, 2010

"The Owl is the Doorway Into the Unknown"

West Coast backyard owl

The title quote is from The Golden Cauldron by Nicki Scully
September 13, 1999

I sit beside my mother's bed
as she lies dying.
Our eyes meet: all the words we cannot say,
all the missed connections,
in this lifetime,
it has always been
this way.

I release the ways
we never got it right;
forgive, no need to hold the anger tight.
Just "I love you"
and her spirit
flies away,
out of the room
into the starry night.

Weeks later,
I am driving
towards her home
when, in slow motion,
across my windshield
a gray owl,
feathered being,
infinitely wise,
as she passes looking
deep into
my eyes.

Time is suspended
on this point
of traveling.
Somehow I feel
a message has been
and, somewhere in my spirit sore,
I know all is understood
and I believe.

Owl, swooping sideways
into the forest green,
bird between two worlds,
all that we know and the unseen,
harbinger of change,
of mysteries beautiful and strange,
as our eyes meet
I know an Oracle
has been.

Wise watcher in the night,
friend of the moon,
fly after she
who left my world
too soon.

Fly, messenger
of my belated transformation;
and give my love to my mother
in the Spirit Nation.


  1. Such a beautiful piece! It really speaks to the awkwardness so many in our generation shared with their mothers, however much we loved them. But what a perfect image..the owl carrying your love to the spirit world. Very powerful..and so moving.

    I'm afraid I haven't yet learned to let go...there's a lesson here for me.


  2. Thanks, Lynette. I dont let go easily of all things....still longing for Tofino eleven years later! But my mom suffered so much as she died, and wanted to be free of the pain, that I could only view it as a release for her. The owl visitation was amazing. She flew so slowly across the front of my car and our eyes locked as she went past...........everything moving slowly, as in a dream..........beautiful being!

  3. This gave me chills, as only the best kind of writing can. Words which call out to collective consciousness and the human condition. Perfect - every word and line.

  4. Wonderful piece and tribute to the spirit world and to your mother....well done...bkm

  5. wonderful tribute to your mother!

  6. I like the image of the owl as the messenger 'crossing over' worlds. Nicely done.

  7. great message,
    carry no anger, but love.
    I like that!

  8. Oh Sherry, this gives me the deepest satisfaction, somehow. I carry an owl on my little ring finger. They have a lot of meaning for me. And my mother died within this past year. That only doubles the depth of meaning. Thank you for sharing this one,


  9. We must find our ways to connect right? It is perhaps both strange and somewhat unsurprising that you found your connection to your mother from Mother Nature herself. Beautiful work.

  10. wow, sherry. this is a beautiful piece of writing, thank you for sharing it. what huge moments you describe so intensely and gracefully.

  11. There is something infinitely mystical about an owl. I love the notion that they can fly between worlds to deliver a message to one who has passed over.

  12. Sherry, this is absolutely stunning. I do think that we have to release the ways we never got it right & also remember the ways that we DID. The visit of the owl took my breath away.

  13. You were right Sherry, I REALLY like this one! I do believe in animal spirits, have had some experiences myself. One was a Great Horned Owl about 2 months ago and I also believe a crow knows.

  14. It is that connection with their eyes, isn't it. We just know they have a spirit/soul within them trying to connect with us.
    This is beautiful Sherry. Deep, powerful imagery, wise too.

  15. Owls were ever a symbol of wisdom and second sight...


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