Thursday, July 1, 2010

oldgreymare: Project Genesis 7/1/10

I cant seem to find out how to post blogging stuff to my blogging page so for now my site will be a hodge podge with blogs in among the poems. I surrender, for the moment.

oldgreymare: Project Genesis 7/1/10

I am linking my site to The Old Grey Mare's brilliant Project Genesis project, an on-going discussion about what we can do for the earth.

Wonderful project and idea! Way to go! My somewhat-behind-the-times town finally started a recycling program last year THANK GAIA!!!! but have been recycling for a decade at least (not long enough).

All of the obvious things everyone already knows about, replacing lightbulbs with the more energy-efficient ones, solar porch lighting, asking stores to use biodegradable bags, or, better, religiously using your cloth bags. Planting trees, planting trees, planting trees!

The excessive use of styrofoam and wrapping of products drives me crazy. Maybe we could start leaving the wrappings at the store and making them deal with it? (though they likely wouldnt recycle, maybe that's a bad idea.) Is there a governing body we could bombard with customer demands for less packaging?

I am worrying a lot about environmental damage to the ocean AND fresh water supplies. Any ideas out there on what concerned citizens can do to bring this to the forefront and get some action?

Will keep following this discussion. I LOVE Project Genesis! Brilliant!


  1. Okay, same old on-the-wrong page problem. I havent sorted this page navigation out yet at all. However, am happy to be part of this on-going discussion.

  2. Sherry,

    Thank you so much for participating! I am happy to hear the excitement in your voice. It is what i had hoped for.


  3. Yes, this will catch on. Good for you. Great positive use of the blogging community network!


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