Thursday, July 1, 2010

Oncology 101

June 4, 2010

"I feel like an angel,
burning up
from the inside,"
my son tells me.
We're in the
oncology ward.
Chemo is
into his arm.
His hair is wisps now,
across his bald head,
like when he was a baby.
His eyes are still
as blue and true.

"I view reality
with perfect clarity,
but I've become aware
of another dimension.
When I look into a flower,
I see the whole universe.
I can hear the earth
groaning in ecstasy
and, in my body,
I can feel, with my heart
of compassion,
myself groaning along with it.
It's a good thing,"
he smiles
his unchanging

The chemo
into his arm.
My son is an angel,
burning up from the inside.


  1. Sherry, My heart goes out to your and your son! I hope n' pray; his
    strength will get him through, this!
    I think our mind is a powerful tool in the healing process!
    You and your son are in my thoughts n' prayers!!!

  2. Thank you, Ellie, for following my site and for your kind comments. My son is responding well to treatment for lymphoma. They say they cant cure him, but that every time the cancer resurfaces, they will give him more treatment, that he has a highly treatable form of cancer. So far he stays in good spirits and has very few side effects, other than now being totally bald. He says he likes the look! Thanks again!

  3. he is an angel, isn't he? sometimes he makes more sense to me than anyone. what a gift it would be to be able to see the world through his eyes. i should practice more! :)

  4. I am certainly glad to hear your son is reponding to the drip, drip, drip. I am praying for his recovery.

  5. How sad, Sherry. I too hope that he recovers, can continually have treatment. I can understand how he would have a different perspective on things, with cancer. Prayers for him.

  6. Sherry,
    My thoughts are with you and your family through this difficult time.

  7. Sherry, Both of you are very strong and lucky to have each other.

    I will think of you two daily.

    Good wishes and rainbows sending out to you from me.


  8. My heart goes out to you too...I have a son and I know how precious he is to me....prayers and much love to you both....bkm

  9. Oh thank you, kind friends,........Jeff has completed his initial round of chemo and now only have to go to one three hour chemo every three months - for two years. Hopefully that will keep things under control. He handled the chemo much better than we expected and responded amazingly well, so we are both lucky............thanks for your good wishes. Jeff only has to talk and I can write a poem about it. He ferquents a higher frequency than the rest of us inhabit.......quite amazing truths come from his lips!

  10. p.s. Sadly - and astoundingly - the little horse in the photo with him, a furry friend Jeff has been visiting for years, recently died - of cancer. Life is very strange.

  11. it is an old poem,
    Glad you survived it.
    beautiful reminder of how difficult life could be, yet we breath and move on, still we smile!

  12. I cried twice while reading this. I don't cry easily. I love poetry that makes me feel, makes me remember, makes me know that I am alive. This poem did all of that and more. Thank you. Sending postive thoughts and energy in your direction, and keep listening to that angel of yours,


  13. Sad, and glad that he responded so well to treatment. In terms of the poetry itself, I found it beautiful and very moving. What wonderful words to come out of someone in your son's situation, I so appreciate that you shared it here.

  14. Dear Sherry,
    my prayers are for both of you. Sleep tight angel and mama angel both.


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