Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Argh. I created a lovely nostalgic post with many photos of my kids growing up called Those Were the Days, My Friend............the link is in the list to the right. But it WILL NOT post as my most recent blog, for some unknown reason.

I didn't want you to miss it, so please check it out. I am also testing to see if my NEXT post will show up on top or if Women Food and God is going to stay here forever.........crossing my fingers.......here goes........you can see by the posting time how much this is bothering me, I woke up and had to check it out one more time :)


  1. Okay, cool, at least the glitch seems confined to my one post.....whew!

  2. It happens; I will visit you again, soon~xXx

  3. Glitches seem necessary to balance out the joy of receiving wonderful comments from new friends...the Yin-Yang of blogland, so to speak! LOL...


  4. Speaking of glitches, blogger will absolutely not let me post a comment on 'Those Were the Days',
    so I'll copy and paste to here...

    "Oh my gosh, Sherry...this is spectacular!! The photos are gorgeous! I love the one of you all on the hillside..your comments on each child's placement are so perceptive.
    Of course, this is a walk down memory lane for me too, as I knew the kids then and remember your little house so well. I can still picture you shelling peas under the grape arbor, a freckled and giggling Goddess of Mother Earth.
    And the yummy tacos you introduced us to, heaped high with your own lettuce and tomatoes....mmmmmm!

    The kids will so enjoy this. Don't know how sentimental Jeff is, but Zenny would surely love these pictures of him as a little man. It was so much fun when we used to take all the kids out together.Do you remember having
    all that energy?

    Those were good years indeed when we were raising our little ones..in the days when we believed out love and care could create a safe and wonderful world for them. And for a time, it did...

    Thanks for sharing these lovely memories. Now I'll have to go dig out some of my old photos!"


  5. Oooooh, I cant wait! This blog was the most fun to do. It BITES that it refuses to budge, even when I change the posting date and time. Grrrrr.

    We did think we could keep them safe, didnt we? It's a good thing we had no clue what perils lay waiting out in the world in the years ahead.

    Thanks for your lovely comments........I remember your house on Fleming Street (???) all hung with plants, dog blasting in and out the doggy door, music always on - you introduced me to Neil Diamond - kids always busy with crafts and wonderful projects.............glory days that went by way too fast.

    Wow, I had forgotten about the tacos!


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