Thursday, July 1, 2010


Mandarin Moon
March 2, 2002
I awake in the deep dark
of the night
to see
a huge round full-faced moon
staring in
at me
as if it had zoomed close
with my eyes closed,
I catching it
before it rose.
There she sat,
perched in the bowl
of my old tree,
like an over-sized Christmas ornament
thus adorning
just for me
the starkly bare
and brittle branches and,
much more,
allowing me to see
its beauty
than I ever have
I stare back:
eternal purveyor
of myth and mystery,
as if it holds the secret
of whatever is to be
and has ventured thus
to urge me forth
from out
my purple bed,
to find a path
where all my dreams
can be
much better fed.
This radiant
so-close moon
and I agree:
surrender to no man,
and yet
in giving
I'm most free.
This silvery ambassador
is urging me
to find a way
to give
all that I can -
Mandarin Midnight Moon
that sailed here
last night
from Japan.
*** ~~ *** ~~ *** ~~ ***
May 13, 2000
Obelisk Moon
suspended in the sky
like a seven-months
pregnant woman
gliding by,
four times I sailed
proud and serene
like you,
small voyagers
aswim in a sea of dreams
all safe within.
I tacked and drifted
set the mainsail fast
those sunny days
we thought would
for forever last
How I dreamed
such simple dreams of happiness:
the future such a whole and shining thing
life's songs
all waiting there
for them to sing
like laughing lovers
in the sun
and be happier than I
when I was young
Now one son laughs and lives his life
and one son weeps
in a maze
from which he canot find his way.
One daughter struggles
but goes on,
one daughter sweeps
from depth to wave-peak
in a single day
four small precarious passengers
hanging on
without a chance to choose
to a mother
not completely here
they are afraid
to lose
And I?
My heart still sails
through seas sublime
my compass pointed firmly
towards a hope
that I would keep
but all the time
a nightwatchman lives on board
who never sleeps
and I wait
for that call
that knock in the night
to sound again
that is my world come crashing down
in pain
My heart lives now
four others hearts inside,
their journeys become my journey
and it is a bumpy ride
32 mother's days
sailing by so fast
on this sea of hope
where nothing ever lasts
days of unbearable beauty
unbearable sorrow
the best gift:
my children,
all alive
May 10, 2000
The soundless night
huddles under
its blanket of darkening clouds
faintly rose-etched
by fingers of fading sunset.
it pulls its mantle of repose
across the sleeping city
and a slice of moon
portal of mystery
recipient of dreams
sweet prompter of desire
inspirer of songs,
hangs over hills
bunched like a lumpy giant,
a slice of watermelon
swinging soft
in a pomegranate
March 5, 2001
Awake at four in the morning,
looking out,
looking up,
at a dark blue sky
luminous with
a hazy radiance,
streaked with layers
of pale blue gauzy clouds,
through which
a sedate silver moon
sails so serene.
Stars solicit
secret wishes
my heart
no longer has the hope
to make,
and I feel sad.
I can no longer look up
at the night sky
without thinking of you,
my fellow dreamer,
fellow sky-watcher,
without remembering
all those night skies
we watched together
before I lost you
and I lost
the night sky


  1. This program apparently doesnt recognize SPACES which I keep inserting and it keeps ignoring......grrrrr.......

  2. So many beautiful images. I love the moon in all its many phases, and your words capture something of that magic. It's hard to choose a favourite!


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