Thursday, July 22, 2010

Flawless Magician Too

Chestermans Beach at sunset

Some time back I posted my poem Flawless Magician (you can find it in the list to the right:)) Going through some papers today, I found the following, written in prose form at the same time.........

I did the math. For around twenty thousand four hundred and sixty days, I have been looking at the sky, many times a day. Each time, I see a brand new sky, each time a masterpiece done in many different hues, sometimes against a backdrop of blue, sometimes of gray. Sometimes the clouds are picture-book perfect puffy white; sometimes they blaze with all the magnificent colors of the sunset. Sometimes they glower, dark gray with portents of a coming storm.

Each time I look away and then look back again, it all has changed. Faster even than I can raise my camera and click the shutter, each perfect glimpse has been and gone forever, never to be seen in just that way again.

It is like God wields the palette and the brush, a Master Artist with an ever-changing canvas. Or as if the sky-paintings change form and shape undetected, by the incredible sleight of hand of a flawless magician.

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  1. Lovely piece, Sherry..I spend an inordinate amount of time looking at clouds myself! They are ever-changing and endlessly fascinating. Guess you and I will always be dreamers...



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