Saturday, July 31, 2010

A blogger's dilemma

It's a bit of a gong show around here. Two pre-schoolers are here for the weekend, as well as my youngest daughter, Stephanie and her new man, her two dogs, my two dogs, my sister's THREE dogs (across the street but part of the melee) goal is to sail serenely through it without worrying about anything, enjoy it as it it all unfolds.......

I have just very excitedly found Poets United, which opened a doorway to finding other poets.Robert Lloyd has put in a ton of work to create a place for writers to connect, share work, and get feedback. If you write or enjoy poetry, check out

This is as a long cool drink of water to someone parched on the desert. I live in a cultural armpit where there has been no encouragement or support for my writing. I tried unsuccessfully to get a writers' group happening, but everyone is too busy, so no one can commit. Finding an on line community is wonderful. The problem I am having is that before I found everyone, I archived all my fave poems way back in June. I have written about a thousand poems, but since I started writing them at fourteen, a few decades worth are ancient history. Lately, I have been blogging and inputting some memoir pieces and that has been fun. But now poets are coming knocking and unless they click on my earlier posts, they will be getting a mixed bag, not a lot of poetry, just now. And now July will disappear into the archives. But my camera and I have some cool plans for August!

Tonight or tomorrow morning I will be posting my Project Genesis page and it will have to stay up for a few days so others who are participating can stop by. Then I plan to post some more memoir, especially my Love Song to Clayoquot Sound, my opus:) Then will put some more poetry up. But am thinking, I am going to have to write some new poems!!! This is a good thing!

I love the Sunday Poetry Pantry idea, good chance to dust off some of those June entries and submit them one at a time, thus keeping my "poet" credentials current:)

There is a memorable blog at
called Mother Theresa Does New York. Pretty hilarious.

Through Poets United I have come across some remarkable poetry written by a young woman in South Africa. She is at Skylover www.kerryoconnorpoems,

And of course Susannah Bec at Out of My Ocean

Remarkable work, and I am enjoying visiting all of the sites listed. I have so thirsted for a writing community. So much talent out there, so many unique voices, each with his or her gift. An amazing world we live in! Write on, fellow poets and bloggers!


  1. Thank you for the mention, Sherry. I added your blog to my blogroll, which means I can always see when you update.

    I like the poetry pantry idea too. So much poetry, so little time.

  2. You are so talented; I am amazed and in awe when I read some of your words and how they speak so many volumes and transgress through time.
    Keep at it...
    I am happy you have found your is difficult, at times. Keep at it!
    I think you should check out: dig up some older stuff, inbetween and now. Take some more photos and make a book! It would be amazing~xXx

  3. Thank you so much, dear readers. Your comments mean a lot to me.

  4. Sherry Blue Sky,
    Thank you for all the supportive comments you have posted at my blog site.
    I love to call by and read all the interesting words, you too post!
    Best wishes,

  5. Thanks so much for the mention.

    I am really enjoying reading your words and see that we share a real love of nature too. I am glad to have met you. :-)


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