Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Prayer for Mother Earth

photo by NASA

From El Nino to La Nina,
with floods, tornadoes,
wind and weirder weather,
Mother Earth has been
indicating to us
her grave displeasure.

Our hearts beat in sympathy
with her,
share her dis-ease.
We seem to know that
we have lost our way,
but how do we
find the words to say,
the prayers to pray,
that will
unseat a dynasty
of such greed
and hungry power?

the collective consciousness
to a more peaceful paradigm:
there is still time
to join together
all our human hearts
- the only place where
peace can truly flower.


  1. A small corner in this earth, a teeming metropolis thats Calcutta full of the sights, smells and sounds of a terribly overburdened city, thats my place and I have a flat there in a place called Joka which has the remnants of a marsh nearby where I took the pictures and outside my balcony. And I live in a Mumbai suburb with the daily commute by suburban train which is a continuing saga in itself. Theres a small forest nearby with hills and lakes behind them, its a protected place and it has panthers. The other pictures are of treks in the State, which is called Maharashtra .....

    What an amazing place this earth!

  2. PANTHERS!!!!!!! OMG! (Suppose you cant get a photo of one of them, hee hee!) Oh I so love hearing about where you live. I looked on google images for Mumbai and was FASCINATED. I saw people clinging to the outsides of the commuter trains - scary!!!! And the buildings! And the SKY SHOTS, some of them absolutely stunning. And shots of the sea surging wildly, in a huge storm. (I envy you being near the sea. One and a half hours away is too far for me!)

    Thank you so much for this description, so vivid. Yes, an amazing place, this earth - everywhere. SO much beauty for those who have eyes to see. Thank you for sharing what YOU see. I look forward to more!

  3. Getting to Mumbai is one of my biggest dreams...thanks to Manikchand for reminding me how vibrant a city it is with its complicated mix of beauty and harshness...

    Great poem, Sherry. I am ever-optimistic that the many of us with peace in our hearts will soon outnumber those who mistreat Mother Earth and all her creatures. We simply have to...


  4. Beautiful poem Sherry.
    You blog enriches my world.

    happy day!

  5. Thank you, gentle readers. Your comments make me happy:)

  6. I love this peace can truly flower...beautiful~ I so agree...

  7. A beautiful poem...your writing is an inspiration to me! :-)


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