Saturday, July 3, 2010


july 14, 2002

twenty thousand
four hundred and fifty days
upon this earth
have I
gazed up
in unceasing wonder
at the
each morning opening
my eyes upon
a brand new canvas
lit up by the dawn,
ready for
brush strokes
by a Master Artist's hand,
in hourly transformations
bright and clear
across the land.

I look away, look back
and all has changed.
Unseen, the canvas
has been
like a flawless magician
whose magic is
too pure to understand,
our eyes drink in
the beauty
and applaud
the sleight of hand.

No two canvasses alike,
each one supremely
without flaw,
an ever-changing
created there
by God.


  1. A thousand cloudbursts
    a million shower of sparks
    and yet unknown!

    Let me into your magic
    again and again
    forever again

  2. Thank YOU, for your most glorious poem! Wow! A gift to begin this lovely summer morning. The air smells like it did when I was a child. I love the scent.

  3. I have often thought that it is a stroke of the most Divine genius to divide our time up into days. Without that, I think life might be unbearable. Respite, renewal, change, all of these are so essential and you've captured that, along with the simple majesty of the artistry, in your poem.

  4. This was beautiful. There is a softness in the way you write which is appealing. No harsh, jagged corners here :)

  5. apt poem,
    love your the images in your wording...

    keep your curiosity alive!

  6. A beautiful poem. God is a wonderful artist, gives us so much beauty to enjoy.

    (On another note, if I had my calculator handy, I would do the conversion of days to years. LOL.)

  7. Beauitufl piece Sherry, I can imagine those canvasses....bkm

  8. Wonderful and well described poem!

  9. Wonderfully written! =)


  10. Lovely, Sherry.

    Isn't it funny how many people never even look at the beauty of the sky? You captured the essence of its beauty so well.

  11. I absolutely loved this, it is truly beautiful. I am a most definite lover of nature and I find it exactly as you describe - no two canvasses are alike, not in the way the appear to the eye, the sounds you hear around you, or the different scents in the air. Each is it's own, and a perfect masterpiece.

    I look forward to reading even more of your work. This is one is truly beautiful

  12. Thank you so much, kind readers.........thanks for visiting and commenting, I appreciate your words.

  13. life is indeed fascinating if one learn to enjoy it. carpe diem

  14. I agreed with Mory and cherishing life that comes only in a lifetime, for u will never get the same one back again=P


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