Friday, July 30, 2010

Bigger Than the Sky

photo from
There are panthers
in the forests
of Mumbai.
This sets me dreaming
of a land
where temples
lean towards
the sky.
A poet walks
in footsteps of Siddhartha
as another day
on Planet Earth
goes by.

There is a doctor
in the refugee camps
of Gaza
who lost three daughters
to Israeli bombs.
He works for peace
across Israeli borders.
"I shall not hate,"
he says.
"I shall not cease."

There's a Sky-show
going on
this very second!
We live in miracles,
you and I.
Look up,
look up.
Let's never cease
our striving
to keep our vision
bigger than
the Sky.


  1. Not forests. Its the Sanjay Gandhi National Park Borivali :)

    Its raining now as I write these comments, 11:18 p.m. a steady swishing rain and there's a wind too for I can see the swaying branches of the trees outside, silhouetted in the halogen lamps ..

  2. Oh, thanks......but that wont fit on the line:) Panthers seem so amazingly exotic somehow. We have cougars over here, also very dangerous.Wow, your 11:18 p.m. was my 10:51 a.m. I envy you the breeze and the rain. It has been too hot and dry here for too long and many forests are burning. We wait for it to pass.

  3. Wonderful words!
    I am looking up. . . :-)

  4. You are so aware of the world, the sadness, the gifts and the lure of nature~xXx

  5. It is always nature that gets me through. I ache for the wanton disregard for it, especially by the multinationals. Around me, the forests are being slain, and shipped away. There is a man on the Island who for decades has been proving sustainable logging pays, but the forestry companies want to do business as usual. Argh. It requires legislation and politicians are just too afraid, preferring re-election to making the hard decisions. Double argh.

  6. Sherry, another beautiful poem and wonderful reminder to keep our vision bigger than the sky. Thanks for making a return visit to my blog. Your comment about the 'nun' gave me a much-needed chuckle!.

  7. Oh yes Sherry, absolutely beautiful poem. I just read it aloud to Dad :)
    As for the doctor in Gaza, I shall look him up and in the meantime tell me, have you heard of Khassan Baiev? If not, will you send me your address? I should like to post a book to you :)

  8. Painting faces on humanity gives one hope.

  9. It's always a pleasure reading your sensible and beautiful poetry Sherry.

    I felt the 2nd paragraph. I hate wars..Its nonsense and most of the time kids are the victims.

    Just remembered John Lennon's song Merry Christmas (War is Over) A noble dream...

  10. Beautiful poem, Sherry. Such an important message. Wish peace would break out someday on this lonely planet.

  11. Yes Sherry, we have to keep looking up, looking for reason, love and a purpose greater than ourselves...thank you for reminding me today of this need...bkm

  12. keep looking,
    keep hoping,
    blessings fly your way.

  13. It is always nature that gets me through. I ache for the wanton disregard for it, especially by the multinationals. Around me, the forests are being slain

    My thoughts, spoken by a friend halfway around the world...

  14. I read this as a call to arms to fight a battle for Earth and all that is worth fighting for against any and all forces of destruction. Just wonderful.


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