Monday, July 5, 2010

The dogs in my heart

My golden girl, Jasmine My boy, Pup

I'm just back from a sad walk down the road to the creek with my beloved elderly wolf-dog, Pup. This morning, a fellow blogger brought me to tears with her account of her ten year old Baby's passing. Any tale of a dog's death has me undone, as I watch my dear companion of thirteen years failing before my eyes in what is likely to be his last summer. This is the heartbreak of loving dogs. But a more heartwarming and devoted love I cant imagine. I cant picture myself ever being without a dog to love and share my life with.

I will write more about Pup at another time. Suffice it to say I dont think any other being has ever come closer inside my heart.
Jasmine is five now, and tired here from chasing after the kong, about which she is obsessed. She would cheerfully drown her brother, Lukey, to possess it.

She and Pup lead parallel lives. He was not happy with her arrival and, since my sister lives right across the street, Jasmine feels more a part of her brother Lukey's pack, since she plays mostly with them. As my sister is a very busy girl, I am the one who spends the most time at home with our combined five - yes, five - dogs :)

The goldens as babies - you never saw cuter puppies!

Jasmine and Lukey, doing what they love best

When my sister and I take all the dogs down to the end of the road, it can wind up
looking like this - a total dog-jam!

Lori's boy, Luke - Jasmine's brother
Lukey has hip dysplasia, which is a big worry .
He is the sweetest-natured boy in the world

Lori's Noella, called Noey, an Australian breed, here shorn for summer

Here is little Blakey. He was too cute
to resist, so makes number five in the pack

Here are my grand-dogs, Sanchez and Chase, Stephanie's boys

We're quite the pack. People shrink from us in horror when we meet them on the trails.
Our guys are a little too friendly, and the sheer number is daunting.
But we couldnt be without a single one.


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  2. Such a sweet post, Sherry...the love you feel for the dogs is in every word you write. I'm still sad, too, about Vanessa's loss. Our animal companions are just extra-furry family members, and losing them leaves a huge hole in our hearts.

    I loved looking at the pictures of your happy dogs. Give each of them a hug for me..I've nuzzled Meeghan an extra amount today, too...


  3. I love dogs; Being a military spouse and moving so much, made it difficult. Finally, I decided we needed a dog. The children were of an age and it would make the house feel like a home. I love the way their win your heart; They are companions, like no other, compassionate, kind and funny!


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