Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Being of Earth, Being of Sky

Wow - this almost never happens. I was going through some papers and found a poem of mine I dont remember writing and had forgotten all about. I wrote it for my writers' group. Here it is:

January 15, 2007

I am the plodding matriarch,
bowed down under the weight
of my decades,
the weight
of those who need me to carry
burdens they are not up to carrying.

I am the vast and unrestricted being of light,
born in a thousand galaxies,
made up of particles of stardust,
strong with the wisdom of the ages,
and able to bear all burdens.

I am tired with the accumulation
of decades
of unremitting effort
gone largely unnoticed.
My body falters on unsteady legs that collapse under me
when I walk too far.
I need a cane, some days and, some days
could use a scooter :)
I refuse both.
Determinedly, I keep on walking.

I am alive with the energy of the sun,
fanned by the wings of a thousand fairies.
In the light of the morning, I rise and traverse the heavens
like an orb, like a daytime moon,
like a trajectory of shimmering radiance,
a prism refracting
incandescence through the everness of time.

I climb into bed each night grateful for rest.
I climb out each morning
alive with the possibilities of the day.
I keep breathing.
Each breath, each new morning, is a gift
for which
I stay immensely grateful.
The burdens are not the journey,
just the accessories
to the journey.
The journey is the
Keeping On.
The journey is the
Staying Grateful.
The journey is
Being Alive.

The body houses the spirit.
The spirit fuels the body.
The body walks;
the spirit Flies Above.
It flies Beyond.
Spirit knows
where we are going.
Nothing earthbound
can stop its flight
except our refusal
to fly.

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  1. I have been exploring your blog a bit today. You see we share a 'certain age' and an enjoyment of nature, poetry, and dogs! I will be watching for your work...


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