Saturday, September 18, 2010

That Farther Shore

His white grizzled snout
twitches in his sleep
and his legs spasm and pedal.

Awake, he can only hobble,
but, in his dreams,
he still lopes along
forest trails
and long sandy beaches
stretching to forever.

In his dreams,
he is exploring
that farther shore
that's coming ever closer,
where he will free
the wolf-pup
in his soul
and run joyously
beside the sea
once more.


  1. Suspect you occupy large portions in his dreams, Sherry

    That was a gem. Seriously

  2. Thank you, kind sir :) Your comment means a great deal to me.

  3. I agree. I think he is running beside and in front of YOU. He loves you. The world starts again each time he opens his eyes and there you are. And he knows you love him. How could he not?

  4. These days I need my box of tissues beside me each time I read your words. How could any dog-lover, who watches their precious pet approach his final day, fail to be moved by this tribute?

  5. oh sherry, my heart goes to your dog. i have a dog here named heaven and he has been with us for five years now (since we lost james). i can't imagine seeing heaven go. no, my mind won't accept it. this is too painful.

    wanna let you know i have tags and awards for you. if you find the tags too long, you can just grab the awards. they are all for you. :)

  6. Thank you, kind readers. Kerry, if you think you need tissues now, I cant imagine when I write about his passing. I am in tears just thinking about it. But he has had a good life. He has been a great companion.

    Bing, thank you, I will be along to your site soon.

  7. Such a sweet poem. I love the way you have written about how a beast feels. There is something about dreamz, any dreams that touches my heart and leaves a mark. You have a nice blog here, Sherry. I dream forever, while you are stardreaming. :)

  8. A lovely piece of writing, Sherry. It's cool to watch dogs dreaming and running in their sleep.

  9. Sherry, you are already mourning now, I think. This poem is beautiful, but oh so sad...part of the process. I wrote a lot of poetry when my two earlier dogs passed as well. I still get teary when I read them, but I am glad I wrote those poems which also now help me REMEMBER these good friends.

  10. I love the image of Pup once more speeding along the sandy beaches you both love, as he's done so often in days past. When it comes time to let go, this will be the way to remember him, knowing that he's always going to rush back again to nestle into your heart where he belongs...


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