Tuesday, September 7, 2010


El Camino de Santiago - image by frescotours.com

on a grassy field
kissed golden
by the falling light
my friends are
still dancing
to the beat
of Mullingar
at sunset.
We are all
and joyous-
and as young
as we
will ever be.
This time
I'm dancing too.
Somewhere a peasant
with warm eyes
steps and steps
around the
ancient mountain.
The prayer wheels turn
and all is timeless.
One breath, one breath.
I follow him
in search of
the snow leopard.
Next lifetime,
in Dharamsala!
in a parallel
a Buddhist
does tai chi
against the
setting sun
one early
summer evening.
We follow him,
in trance,
we follow him.
This time I move
with grace.
it is high
on a hilltop
on Easter morning
and five friends
are meditating
the sunrise up.
Above us,
on the mountain,
there is singing,
like an angel choir.
I lift off.
I see the planet
from space.
The veils
between the worlds
long enough
for one
little peek.
And somewhere
-since I'm dreaming now-
my familiar
walks the
sacred pathways of
El Camino de Santiago,
sleeps on stone slabs
and completes
the pilgrimage
in my stead.
We're not done yet.
Now we're floating
across the wide brown plains
of the Serengeti
at sunrise
in a hot air balloon.
Soul journeys?
Dreams? Remembrance
of lifetimes
past or those to come?
Sometimes it is
to dream.


  1. This is a beautiful poem, Sherry. In one's dreams (either daydreams or night drams) one can travel anywhere one has or has NOT been. And we are ALL as young as we will EVER be right now!

  2. This is such a fine piece of poetry!

  3. Thanks, Mary. I dont know whether that is depressing or not, hee hee! And Dennis, thank you. I actually am struggling with my poetry right now as it isnt flowing or inspired like many of my earlier poems. However at least I am writing, so one carries on. Maybe the flow will return in a while:) Thank you for your visit!

  4. As a consummate daydreamer, I love the flow and the mystery of this poem...who we are so loosely bound with who we might become. Wonderfully evocative!

  5. Thanks, kind readers. I shall keep trying. Waiting for my Muse to stop snoozing and realize I am writing again, hee hee!


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