Monday, September 27, 2010

A Half-Full Cup

Sunrise over the inlet, in Tofino

"The day you can be grateful for every single trifle in your life, for the moving train, for the water than runs down a tap when you open it, for the light that comes on when you press a switch, for clean sheets on your bed.........your heart will be filled with a deep contentment and with almost continuous joy. The secret of being always joyful is to be always grateful." So said Anthony De Mello in Sadhana: A Way to God.

So, this Monday, still suspended in the middle of Jasmine's unfixed injury and waiting for the vet to call, I hauled out my gratitude book, to write down a few reminders that this, too, shall pass (hopefully today!), and that life is much more than the situation in which I find myself.

Today I am grateful :

that there is a vet to call who will soon ease my dog's pain

for gray clouds moving across a silver sky, and the rain that is turning this valley green again

for the sound a creek makes dancing over round, glistening stones

for laughter - the cackling black humour of women on the edge

for my daughter's amazing poem, followed by her incredible piece on Kindness at

the loving brown trusting eyes of both my dogs

the memory of the anticipation that ripples through a crowd as the conductor raises his baton, the slicing first notes of the violins, my heart winging across the ceiling to dance among the notes

the scent of my pineapple candle, wafting through the room in competition with the Nag Champa incense, my favorite

Sunrise. Sunset.


the remembered sound of the waves, and how that sound feels a part of my consciousness

this small home of mine that wraps around me like a cocoon

this blog, and the amazing community of creative souls, who visit me here and whom I visit, who have become my friends. I am grateful for each one of you!


  1. Sherry your daughter has your amazing talent...i sure love your grateful list....hope your dog Jasmine gets better the mean time consider yourself huged...:-):-)

  2. Nicely done! Gratitude is the only way to get through hard times...I love how it gives power and strength, not to mention peace. My favorite things on your list is the creek and your home. Thank you for sharing the link...

    Am excited about your upcoming adventure, if it's ok to mention.


  3. Grateful we are for you too Sherry... blessings to you, your family and your dogs....bkm

  4. Talent and generosity of spirit must run in the family.

  5. you deserve the best..
    Thanks for giving upbeat comments along the way.


    Hello, friend:

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    Thanks in advance.
    Hope to see you soon…

  7. and a big thanks for the sherrys of this world... so filling it with all their positivity... allowing the balance to be maintained...

  8. when everything seems dark, a grateful heart helps us see the light. i agree with everyone here, sherry. you are such a blessing to us for spreading so much sunshine and optimism. it is always a delight to visit your blog. you've got a wonderful daughter too. thanks for sharing your marvelous talent in writing (and photography) with us. {{{hugsss}}}

  9. 'this too shall pass' some of the oldest and wisest words ever uttered.

    It is rare if life is completely bleak, I'm happy you can see the countless little spots of joy that are always around us. You have brought several to mine. Thank you.

  10. A wonderful list of gratitude, Sherry!
    You have always found joy in the small things life brings to us everyday. It is one of the many reasons I place your friendship high on the list of things for which I'm grateful...:)


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