Friday, September 10, 2010

A Day at the Beach!

It was overcast yesterday for our day at the beach, but it was perfect: one of those West Coast, cool-ish days that are typical of fall. I love it in any weather, most especially winter, when the waves lash and toss in storm. But gray and calm was wonderful too. It's a given that wildlife abounds in the park. But it appears wolf and cougar were about. Likely hungry, and instinctively trying to prepare for the winter famine coming their way. Florentia went back to the car for her big stick!

Even the word beach is exciting to this beach lover! I miss it so much. I chose Combers Beach, once one of the wildest. There used to be driftwood covering half the beach, flung there by winter storms over the years. And there was another entry, until the bank gave way under the lashing of the waves. Now they have created a new entrance, and seem to have cleaned up the driftwood at the same time. There was a fraction of what there used to be.

This is Florentia, a writer friend who lives in Port Alberni half the year, and winters in Santa Rosa, California. I dont know what that is in the upper right hand corner - some shape-shifter or other:)

There she is - my beach! Stretching off for miles in either direction. Looks like this bank is in danger of tipping too! The tide was due in in a couple of hours, at which time this vast expanse of sand would be covered. But we had time to make our circuit.

To the left, the beach runs from Combers to Wickanninish. A lovely walk as well. But today we turned right and headed to Green Point.

On the way, there was this big puddle of ocean water, and Florentia could not resist - her grandkids must have so much fun with her! I was more staid, I get cold feet too easily:)

The headlands of Green Point.

Beautiful vistas everywhere.

My love affair with rocks goes way back.

Some big waves, as the tide gathers itself up for its run to shore.

Florentia took a few shots from atop the rocks. Last time I came, I could still clamber up the rocky cliffs. But not this time. I tried, but decided toppling off a cliff would not improve the day, so I turned back. This view looks back the way we came. Wickanninish headlands are in the far distance.

So lovely.

In the other direction, we are looking at the famous Long Beach. Tourists flock to this beach because it is the one everyone hears about. Surfers love it too. But the secret we dont tell is that the other beaches are far lovelier, more interesting, and less frequented. We give Long Beach to the tourists!

As close as I can get to the cliff-top, which is to say, Still On the Ground:)

Oh, a little hidey-hole for a bear. Or perhaps the beach house of my dreams? Affordable, at any rate!

Time to head back, to race the tide along the sand.
The fun wasnt over though. We went in to Tofino, to Sobo's and had the most glorious, THICK with fish, wild west coast salmon chowder I have ever enjoyed. There must have been a whole fish in the bowl, so chunky and delicious it was. WITH cornbread on the side. Divine.
I saw some dear and familiar faces, whom I lived with for ten years of glorious community. Sigh.
Driving home, Florentia introduced me to some FANTASTICALLY interesting music: Abigail Washburn and the Four Sparrow Quartet - Appalachain picking music. It was perfect.
I was replete. Exhausted, aching everywhere, but it was a perfect day. I think it counts as my summer vacation this year!


  1. Just a heavenly day for you, Sherry, back on your beloved beach! You got some gorgeous shots..I love the low viewpoint of the rocks and the glad you have a new camera!

    Even if you're tired and aching today, you have a wonderful memory stored in your heart to enjoy again and again...:)

  2. LOL @ the beach house of your dreams. Affordable indeed!

    Your love affair with rocks? I have too many in my head to want to have a love affair with them. They always remind me of 7th grade science class and my brief but intense desire to become a geologist. Fireblossom, Girl Rock Hunter!

    Before I leave, I am going to put you on follow this time, so I can find you easier. :-)

  3. Yes, a wonderful day. Awesome to live this close to such a place. I need to get there more often.

    Fireblossom: yay, that you are following:) Thank you!

  4. Beautiful beach. Love your photos. Isn't nature glorious?

    happy day!


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