Friday, September 3, 2010


[This was written just before the Millenium, in 1999.]

This has been
the century
of Progress
which has consumed
in fifty years
the resources that
the world population
for millenia.
It does not know how to stop
its gobbling.
It has forgoten
how to live
free from mania
and the Myth of More.

Almost too late to change
and unable to change in time,
what will life be like
in the next fifty years?

Tune in next century.


  1. Hello, I echo your words totally, the world as we knew it is no more.
    K x

  2. I think perhaps other resources which were undervalued before will take precedence. It will all be part of the cycle of life.

  3. Sherry it really does make you think about where we are headed...we live in a society that does not know contentment or patience...we want everything right now,and more more more...
    I truly love your beautiful words of wisdom and your wonderful blog. Thank you for sharing this.

  4. I, too , believe that humanity will need to return to an older, more sustainable way of life. There is still time. Perhaps a total systemic breakdown will force the changes that are needed. Thank you for reading and commenting:)


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