Monday, September 6, 2010

A Poem for You

Rogers Pass - Jon Merk photo

Here is a poem I enjoyed, and thought you might like as well:)

by Diane di Prima (a California Poet)
from Prayers for a Thousand Years
edited by Elizabeth Roberts & Elias Amidon

On the way home
all the restaurants will serve miso soup

On the way home
exotic notebook stores will blossom
in small towns in Nevada

On the way home
Utah will be festooned with mirth
Mormons will be dancing in the streets
in gauzy chatchkas

On the way home
everyone will leave their casinos
and the slot machines
and go outside
to stare at the beauty
of the mountains,
of the sky,
of each other

On the way home
all the boys and girls
in the secret desert bordellos
will have set up temples of free love
festooned with mimosa
they will teach karma-mudra
to joyful redneck ranchers
who have set all their cows free
and now drink only amrita

On the way home
every cafe in Wyoming
will be holding a potlatch
poverty will thus be abolished

On the way home
everyone we meet will
try to read us a poem
invite us in for a story
there being no news
but what travelers bring,
all TV having died

On the way home
it will be easy to find pure water,
organic tomatoes,
friendly conversation
We'll give and receive
delightful music
and blessings
at every gas station
(all the gas will be free)

On the way home
all the truck drivers
will drive politely
the traveling summer tourists
will beam at their kids

our old Toyota will love
going up
mountain passes
openhearted and
people and lizards
prairie dogs, wolves
and magpies
will sing together
and picnic at sunset
beside the road

Everyone will get
where they're going
everyone will be peaceful
everyone will like it
when they get there

All obstacles smoothed
auspiciousness and pleasure
will sit like a raven dakini
on every roof

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