Sunday, September 26, 2010

Overloaded at Dogs R Us!

I have been distracted and not feeling up to posting or taking part in Poetry Pantry this weekend, though I enjoyed reading everyone's postings very much - it was a good distraction. I already was having trouble with Pup's failing health, which seems to have triggered some other feelings of grief I can't quite put my finger on. But now Jasmine, my other fur critter, has an injury, and until she gets back in to see the vet and is feeling better, I am having a hard time focussing on much of anything else.

Her injury was caused by the special needs teen I provide respite for, when he continued to repeat behavior I warned could result in hurting her  until, sure enough, he managed to fall on top of her. He is six feet tall, and emotionally around nine years old. I can't get the sight of him out of my head, as he stared me straight in the eye while he lowered himself over her, one leg on either side of her, deliberately defying my repeated demands that he not do that.

At first I hoped it was a pulled muscle or something that would right itself. Then I called the vet and they couldn't get her in for too many days. Finally the day of the appointment came and  I DID take her in, but it was hard for the vet to determine exactly what was going on, and she examined the left hip, not the right. Yesterday it became clear, it IS her right hip, which is quite possibly dislocated. I can only imagine the agony she has been in and I am just sick about it. Sick that this need not have happened, had the kid simply respected my wishes as to how I want my dog treated in her own home. Sick that I wasn't more forceful in making him stop. Sick that Jasmine is paying the consequences for him refusing to listen (to anyone, not just me). And sick that my entire summer of work can be wiped out, financially speaking, by this one event, leaving me with vet bills it could take me all winter to pay.

It makes me question the status quo. I do not want to continue in an unsustainable situation. I have to quickly find some alternatives. But first, I have to get my dog better.

So I have been rather a wreck for a few days. I will feel better tomorrow morning, when I can call the vet, arrange to have Jas seen ASAP, and hopefully when they can return her to comfort once again.

On the other side of that, hopefully my equilibrium will return. It isn't often my positive mindset falters. When it does, I don't enjoy the feelings of queasiness and disequilibrium. This weekend is almost over though, and tomorrow morning will come. I will insist she be seen, this has gone on too long.

Will keep you posted.

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  1. This is so horrible. This is your Fur People! and I feel bad too that you are having the flashbacks :( I hope the family pays for the bills, and I really hope Jas and you feel better shortly. *hugs*xx


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