Friday, September 24, 2010

More on Betty.....

Over a hundred supporters were present at the peak of the rally outside the Vancouver Court House on Wednesday morning, before Betty went in to face the judge.

Monika Markovici sent out this statement to Betty Krawczyk's supporters yesterday:

"Thanks all for a great rally, great speakers and  so much support for Betty in the standing room only courtroom.

Betty presented her arguments with dignity and passion, and the judges seemed to show interest in her arguments.

We were left with the words "Judgement reserved" at the end of the day. We will advise as soon as we get word of their decision."

This sounds a bit more hopeful, folks! Will keep you apprised.


  1. Sherry I am quite interested in what the outcome for Betty will be. She is in my thoughts.

  2. Fingers crossed that sanity prevails, and that our freedom to question, to protest and to lobby in support of the natural world is upheld!

  3. Will be rather amazing if the court reverses itself. I think the Attorney General's plan rather flew back in his face.

  4. Lets hope brightness wins, the bright morning of a hundred years hence.

  5. If it flew back in his face, THAT's justice!


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