Wednesday, September 1, 2010


from my front porch, late one August night
August moon
you left
with barely
a farewell.
This is my one August moon shot, which I am posting in response to Manikchand's August moon.
And now it is September. For years, this week was all about school supplies, new shoes (four pairs of feet, how did I do it?) Once my kids were through school, then there were the grandchildren to make the start of the school year exciting. Now...........September is all about cooler temperatures, changing leaf colors, picking blackberries and trying to get the outdoors tidied up and ready for the rains to come.
Today I did a cleaning job for an elderly couple who both have serious mobility issues. They can barely teeter around their small house, have elevator chairs to take them up and down steps, and every doctor's appointment is a major expedition. The woman faces back surgery this month, which is going to make life even more challenging. Yet they are smiling and happy and the little woman, Fiza, talks in a stream of endearments: " God bless you, my sweetheart," she'll say, distractedly watching her hubby totter across the kitchen. Then, to me, "Are you happy, habibti? I thank God that we're together."
I'm telling you, sweeter people I have never met. I worked myself into a lather, lugging the vacuum cleaner up and down, cleaning around a TON of Things, clutter, boxes, memorabilia. The work was exhausting. At the end of three hours, I ached in every bone and muscle. But I felt satisfied. I had done a good job, had really helped them. Their need is so huge that there is no way I can do anything but the best I can for them once a week, and hope we all survive the winter :)
Tonight I am watching the movie Temple Grandin, which tells the story of the brilliant autistic woman whose research and writing has informed better treatment of cattle in the vast cattle ranches of the southern USA. Clare Danes does a marvellous job of portraying Temple.
Last night I watched Helen, a movie about a severely depressed woman, played by Ashley Judd. This is a downer movie, as the story is a very depressed one. But Ashley Judd's acting is incredible.
Behind me on the floor, my old dog's legs are jerking spastically in his sleep, which happens a lot lately. Poor old fellow.
Before dark tonight, my sister and I took the trail down to the river, where the salmon are pooling in the channel below the rapids, getting ready to make their migratory leap, always a fantastic spectacle in fall. A heron stood on a rock at the edge of the river, surveying his dinner possibilities. Along the trail going and coming I was struck by the wonderful photos I might have taken of old growth trunks HAD I THOUGHT TO TAKE MY CAMERA. Argh.
But next week - NEXT week! - a writer friend is taking me over Sutton Pass to Tofino for a beach walk. I will remember my camera that day!


  1. what an uplifting post... that couple's story is truly inspiring. unconditional love does exist! i'm sure your cleaning job with them is always a pleasant experience, not because of the actual work you accomplish but because of the love (or the feeling of love) that surrounds you when you're with them.

    sherry, your august moon shot is awesome! thanks for sharing. :)

  2. awesome reflections,
    u r busy and it seems like your life is very fulfilling...

  3. Moonstruck, aint you, Sherry!

    I am, have always been since that one night through the jungles of Central India, sitting at the open door of a railway compartment, speechless at the incredible beauty of the surroundings lit up by the softest moonlight, that night when I first experienced strange longings

    Could you see the coconut palm fronds in my moonshot?

  4. Bing, I really didnt want to take on that job and tried a couple of times to quit. But, each time, their need is so great and they are just so SWEET, I wasnt able to. I must be meant to help them.

    Jingle, yes busy! Definitely fulfilling. I would love it to be a little slower. But one must pay the bills.

    Manikchand.........moonstruck for sure - it's still the Sky, after all, hee hee:) I can SEE the moonlit night you describe so beautifully. Strange longings.....I have them still:)
    So those were coconut palm fronds. Cool.


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