Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Stairway to Heaven

There is a Stairway to Heaven tree
deep in the forest
where I used to live.
It fell on its side
years ago
and lies along
a gentle rise
so that you can
walk up it
like a stairway
to the stars.
Its trunk is so thick,
you stand high,
looking down
at the forest
and upwards
at the sky.

I miss that tree
this morning,
like another country
I once visited,
another lifetime,
more real than this one,
that I just can't


  1. lovely write Sherry...thankfully our mind allows us to climb that tree over and over again...blessings...bkm

  2. A beautiful relection, Sherry. I do hope you find another stairway or ... perhaps ...build your own. Nice write.

  3. I had a tree like this at my old house, Sherry. I loved sitting on it and day dreaming. I like your take of it as a stairway to heaven.

  4. Your words are vivid, Sherry, and so alive with longing that I can picture you leaning contentedly against this giant, knowing you are home...:)

  5. Moving words. If only we could relive our memories - briefly capture the moment again :-)

  6. i wish i could write this beautifully. this is another moving piece from you. i have fallen in love with a fallen tree because of your words.

  7. Sherry
    Beautiful reflections on a beautiful tree!

  8. This is a lovely piece of writing, Sherry. Trees are truly majestic, even when they've fallen.

  9. Sherry, this is such a beautiful poem. It gives me a sense of peace to read it!

  10. Thank you, folks.......'twas a beautiful tree!

  11. are the pictures you post yours? especially of this tree? it is so beautiful!

  12. Yes, Maya, all photos are mine unless it says otherwise. This is the Hanging Garden Tree, on the Tall Tree Trail on Meares Island, across the harbour from where I used to live. It was named that because of the many different life forms that grew on it and hung down from it. I wrote a poem about this tree called In the Presence of the Sacred,posted some time this summer.......

  13. Thats an amazing piece of architecture by nature Sherry and ha ha the Stairway to Heaven has been kinda anthem song for long :))

  14. Yes, I know the song:) I love it. But the tree (the one on Meares Island that had fallen, not the one in the photo above) was actually NAMED the Stairway to Heaven tree, because of its height and the way it climbed uphill towards the sky.


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