Saturday, September 11, 2010

Dear World

Hyakutake comet - image from

[I came across this poem among my papers this evening: the poem Dear World,
written by Alma Luz Villaneuva of California on March 24, 1996. I thought I would post it here for your enjoyment. It has been a heavy day on the airwaves, watching footage of the Twin Towers being attacked and then collapsing. It has stricken me wordless. I thought we could use a lift, something hopeful, something Other.]
Dear World,
18,400 years ago, this comet
we call (in 1996) Hyakutake
came close to the Earth (ten million
miles away, ten million); and we
can see it with the naked
eye, floating in the sky like
a tail of light. The last
time it came within ten million
miles, humans were just crossing
the terrible, icy glaciers,
the Bering Strait, into this
land mass, North America, one
of the floating, enduring Turtles.
The Turtles whispered, "Leap of
faith, dream, leap of faith, dream,"
as the comet edged its way
ten million miles, so close. 18,400
years later, the Turtles whisper,
"Leap of faith, one planet, leap
of faith, one people." This planet
floating through the stars, comets
coming home to sing to the Turtles:
"Cross the terrible, icy glaciers,
the human heart, leap."


  1. Hi Sherry, your posts have been so inspirational over the last couple of days. I can see you've been thinking deeply about the ways of the world. Thank you for always supporting my blog. I have a poet friend in Cornwall, England, whom I have convinced to try to blog. Her name is Fay Slimm and she is also greatly inspired by the natural world. i think you will enjoy her poems and she would really appreciate the support. If you have time, please consider visiting her site at:

    Warm regards

  2. Thanks, Kerry. I have felt the cumbersomeness of words, could not express what I was feeling - amazing that this September 11 hit me harder than many ofthe preceding ones. Perhaps because it always seems to take me ten years to heal a trauma or heartbreak, so maybe I am right on schedule. Feel far from healed of this one though. I will definitely visit your friend - would she like to join Poets United, I wonder? I love it that you have joined!


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