Thursday, September 9, 2010

Bunished Gold

This time of year is so glorious. The sun turns everything a burnished gold, especially in the late afternoon as it is setting. It pours like honey over trees and fields, and makes magic in the clouds. The molten yellow, deep orange and scarlet leaves are starting to appear, to bring forth one last glorious burst of color before the winter - sort of like my time of life :)

On the front porch, the climbing vine, a modest and unassuming green all summer, is blushing a deep, full-throated red, like an embarrassed matron, surprised at her toilette.

Each day I find a forest trail, to bask in the last of the sunshine before the Big Gray Eternal Cloud descends over us until next April. That season has its indoor pleasures. Right now it is time to be outside.

I am still searching for blackberries, prodded again and again to the withering vines like a bear remembering an especially satisfying banquet.

On the forest floor, little chipmunks scurry and chatter busily. Above, the birdsong is deep and resonant: re-MEM-ber this, re-MEM-ber this. Little junkos flock to the outdoor feeder, establishing their feeding base for winter.

The leaves from gnarly alders and the giant maple sift across the lawn. One leaf hangs suspended by the thinnest of spiderwebs; in the breeze it twirls, twirls, then sloooooowly wafts to earth: magic carpet for fairy folk, and nourishment for the packed earth beneath - next year's garden bed.

A wild bunny has been at the compost, after the carrot peelings. Pup took startled interest, hardly believing what he saw as its furry rear disappeared into the thicket.

The joys of autumn are its rich palette of color, blazing from all sides. My heart lifts with longing to go up and over the mountain pass, vibrant in its autumnal glory. And then to walk the wild beaches once more, before the rains.

Today I will do it! A writer friend offered to drive me to the beach. All through the pass, past river, waterfall and lake, the colors will be turning. When we get there we will find a beach, or maybe two, to walk along, and the rich deep song of the sea will be in my ears once more. I will look for rocks and driftwood. I will smell the salty air. I will fill my soul with all I have been missing. And then we will go to the Common Loaf for tea and a muffin before returning home.

Tonight - there will be photos!!!!!

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  1. This is so tempting.. wish i could be in such places too..


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