Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It's All About the Love

It turns out Jasmine's injury is serious - a cruciate ligament rupture - that is the big ligament within the knee socket (on her rear right leg), so with its padding gone, every step she takes, the bone plates rub against each other, causing severe pain.

Surgery is needed. I have few resources. Between a rock and a hard place right now, as I gather information, and wrap my brain around the path ahead of us. Best case scenario, it can be done locally, will be successful and she faces a very long recovery period of at least a year. Worst case scenario, a specialist has to do it down-Island, she has the surgery and then blows her other knee from putting so much weight on it.

I was not expecting such a shock and there was a moment in the vet's office when I thought I might lose both my dogs this year. That's when everything started swirling and going black and they had to revive me with water and cold cloths.

But this little dog......innocent and trusting, and so undeserving of what has happened to her, in pain and hobbling.......this is the face she turns to me, this is the smile she gives. She is a gallant little dog, and she is  all about the love, every minute.


  1. oh this is not an easy decision to make - hope everything goes well!!

  2. Such a beautiful girl, Sherry! And even in pain, she is indeed smiling at you...a perfect picture of doggy luv!!

    We'll pray for the best outcome and a speedy recovery...:)

  3. She is a beautiful dog...Sherry...and i am sure she is a blessing to you and your family! I hope for a comfortable recovery for you both. :-)

  4. What a face!!! How could anyone not want to hug her and give her a big smooch on her happy lil noggin? Dogs are so brave. They don't let anythung stop them, they don;t complain, and they love no matter what, with their big warm hearts. This is why I will always have a dog, and have had, since i was 23. I learned to love and be loved from a dog, and that's a fact.

    Bosco and I send all our fervent wishes for the best outcome for Jas and for you, Sherry.

  5. Lovely!a beautiful dog smiling innocently will sure touch even a hard heart...

  6. Thank you, friends. It has been a hard week. My poor girl. And Shay, I so know what you mean - dogs are all about the love. I cant imagine my life without one.

  7. Sherry, one of my (former) dogs had this surgery, and she recuperated well. After the recuperation period one could not tell that she had ever had that injury. It wasn't easy for a few weeks when she came home and could not jump up on furniture or go up or down stairs. But in the end all worked out. Good luck with your decision making. Poor thing.

  8. I will be keeping you and Jasmine in my thoughts. Poor baby.


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