Sunday, September 12, 2010


my beloved Wickanninish

posted for Poets United Sunday Poetry Pantry
and reposted for Poetry Jam
(thoughts while walking the dog, looking up from my worries
to see more than one rainbow in the sky - glorious!)
January 25, 2006

When you are hanging onto
the very last edge
of the edge
of the skinniest branch
and you feel your grasp
look up!
There's a sky full of rainbows,
row upon row of them,
shining up there,
to tell you that
all will be well
all will be well
all will be exceedingly well.
God's in His heaven
in the so clear air,
and all will be
exceedingly well.

When the grayest of rain clouds
has just dumped its deluge
upon you,
and you are mopping your eyes
and wringing out your hair,
look quickly!
You just might glimpse
the shine of angel wings
hovering there,
at the very edge of
your peripheral vision,
to encourage you and I
that, on the other side
of this trauma
or sadness or challenge,
the radiant dawn
of a brand new day
lies somewhere
just waiting
to break across your
morning sky.

When you have reached
the very limit
of what you feel you can
or should
when the stress has
weighed you down so far,
you're not sure exactly
how you will
pull through,
go out to where the water
the mountain.
See the waterfall
tumble down its slopes
for you.
Watch the eagle
lift out of the mist
into the shrouded skies.
Take a deep breath
and believe,
just like the eagle,
your spirit, too,
your spirit once more
will rise.


  1. How lovely! This is such a beautiful, inspirational piece - exactly what one needs in January, but is happy to have in September, as well!

  2. What an uplifting poem!. It's as if you have captured a sunbeam and passed it through a prism, showing us all the brilliant colors hidden in an illusion.

  3. All will be well indeed, Sherry. Sometimes we need to be reminded to look up, after spending too much time looking down. Lovely share.

  4. Gorgeous photo, Sherry, and wonderfully tender words. I have always admired your ability - through good times and bad - to follow the angel wings that lead your spirit upward once more...:)

  5. ...Take a deep breath
    and believe,
    just like the eagle,
    your spirit, too,
    your spirit once more
    will rise
    ... words have such a quiet inspiration to's like reading a scroll of always thank you for sharing

  6. Sherry this is a beautiful poem of hope!
    Thanks for sharing this!

  7. Thank you, kind readers. We did need something uplifting today:)I am working on a post that I think you are going to enjoy! Cant wait to get it done!

  8. So many reasons to be positive. If we just look UP, our spirits will rise. (Walking with dogs is another thing that makes ME feel good.)

  9. Double rainbow, what does it mean?

    I think I like your beautiful poem better than that viral video. I just wish I felt that optimistic.

  10. A wonderful poem, filled with much optimism! =)


  11. "A scroll of serenity...." Dasuntoucha, I see a poem in that phrase, I may have to try it:) Thank you, everyone:)Blessings!
    Re: optimism. Some days it is harder to come by. It takes determination!

  12. Such a positive and lovely poem, Sherry. I'm very impressed!

  13. calm and peace from you,
    healing and inspirational poem!

  14. That's a beautiful picture Sherry, of the seas and the sky in concert! And well, I did see the mountain, waded across waterfalls alright but no eagle, alas!

    I will post a few very soon, Sherry and my regards.

  15. I really enjoy the movement of this piece and the uplifting tone. I hope to rise. Love and Light, Sender

  16. nice poem! im glad i got to read it... :)

  17. love it uplifting is right....this is a beautiful piece lift you like the eagle lifts the sky to meet the sun....nice...bkm

  18. Thanks, heart is full of thankfulness that you are reading my words.

  19. this is soooooooo beautiful, sherry! it is so inspiring and uplifting... it can soothe an aching soul. yes, everything will be well. things always get better. thanks for writing this lovely piece.

  20. Rainbows, mountains, waterfalls, you had me, and then you added an eagle. Love everything about this piece, but am especailly partial to eagles.


  21. Your words are beautiful and the message is divine. my favorite lines: "all will be well, all will be well, all will be exceedingly well" This is so true. Thanks, Sherry!

  22. I love every single comment:) Thank you everyone!

  23. Sherry, I had commented on this when you posted it originally, but it so wonderfully fits the Poetry Jam prompt that I am hoping that more people will discover it here. There are indeed so many wonderful things to behold if one looks UP!

  24. What an uplifting and heartfelt message...

    Thank you for sharing it~

  25. I think this should be a song - awesome!

  26. What inspiration! This should be a poster hanging on the wall to remind us when we are down.

  27. Watch the eagle
    lift out of the mist

    A sure fire way to make yourself look up...:)

  28. Lovely words and images. Very nice write.


  29. Thanks for sending this link to me. It's a beautiful write. We loved this kind of walk. One day we came across not one but maybe 5 American Bald Eagles all in a field eating (what we think ) were berries. What a magnificent thing nature and the true wild are, and, how privileged we are to share it with some of God's finest creations.


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