Thursday, April 14, 2016

Wise Child

Little wise child,  under the silver moon.
your eyes know the Old Ones,
who knew you'd  soon
visit our realm and brighten our days.
As we walk with you, we change our ways.

Little laughing girl with the Old Soul eyes.
How did you get to be so wise?
Don't lose your wholeness as you grow.
Remember all you know.

Little laughing girl with the happy heart,
you brought joy and laughter
 from the start.
To our hearts you hold the golden key,
 and now we will forever be
captives of your
merry little heart.

This is my beautiful, funny, wise, and happy great-granddaughter, Lunabella. For Elizabeth's prompt at isojournal: to use the words child, walk, silver, cradle, keys and moon. Luna never needed a cradle, she has her mommy's arms. Day 14 kids. Is not this month going fast?


  1. How warm and loving, Sherry. She's lucky to have you for a grandparent.


  2. awww Sherry, Lunabella is one lucky soul to have you as her great gramma...such a cutie pie and true Muse...

  3. Little wise child under the silver moon - that line alone shines brilliantly - she is is her mummy, grandma and great grandma xo

  4. Such, a beautiful child, to match the words that her great-grandmother has written. Thank you, Sherry, for sharing both.

  5. This just melted my heart! And what a little doll!

  6. I love your golden key! She is beautiful and this poem shines with love! Adorable~

  7. OMG!!! She's a living doll. And you wrote a beautiful poem that honors her and the joy she brings.

  8. You really seem to identify with this little soul, Sherry. I think she will be the one in your family to carry on YOUR energy. She is a beautiful little person.


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