Sunday, April 10, 2016

When Wild Ones Grow Weary

When you love a wild thing,
it is impossible to return to being tame,
once he has gone.
You can pretend you are civilized,
but the twitch of your whiskers will,
sooner or later, betray you.

Stalking the sunset,
sweet memories will accompany you.
The thought of that little wolf-pup,
gamboling along the beach,
and, when he was bigger,
plunging in and out of the surf with a loopy grin,
will bring a smile, and a tear.
Love is joy. And then pain.
But oh! the remembering!
so bittersweet.

Forever, now,
I will listen for his song.
I will live all the day long
a weary wolf woman
with wolf howls in my heart.

A poem using the titles of four of my poems, "When You Love a Wild Thing", "Stalking the Sunset", "Weary Wolf Woman", and "Wolf Howls In My Heart", for  Magaly's  prompt at Real Toads: A Poem Of Our Own, to write a poem using three poem titles. I seemed to need four to say it all.  Day 10, kids.


  1. Luv stalking the sunset. That's wild as wild gets

    Thanks for dropping in to read mine

    Much love...

  2. Fantastic to carry that howl.. What a gift to have, but what weight it has.

  3. Civilized is much too boring. Better love a wild thing, match the delight it offers, and increase our wildness as we dance through life (and next) together. ♥

  4. O that last line is exquisite. It touches the soul. A beautiful,sensitive poem.

  5. Wonderful and so, clever~ You had to go with four. I love this poem~

  6. Loving a bit of wildness changes us, usually for the better I think.

  7. There's so much love and wisdom in this,. Sherry. So beautiful and tender.

  8. To love is without limits, and they deserve all your love, love that never ends. When they are gone, of course there is an emptiness that will always be....your love is without limits!

  9. Such a tender, beautiful poem, Sherry! I love it.

  10. My wild one is weary too. Sweet piece.

  11. Oh, I love the mental image of "stalking the sunset"---and the inherent tenderness in this piece :-)

  12. Remember, remember, Sherry!
    I do hope you have one more Pup-like dog in your life, Sherry.


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