Friday, April 1, 2016

A Fool for Believing

Am I a fool for believing
that in a world of war and hatred,
bigotry and racism,
there are more good people than bad people,
who try to do the right thing:
help a stranger, or an animal in distress,
who live with kindness and compassion
and give to others  from their hearts?

Am I a fool for believing
that in a world of billions,
two seeking hearts can find each other
and live their love devotedly for decades?
Am I a fool for believing
dreams can come true, hard hearts can soften,
walls can topple, soldiers get sent home safe,
bombs stop dropping,
that the world can turn
away from war towards peace
like a gigantic sunflower,
moving its head towards the sun?

If I'm a fool for believing
that stories can have happy endings
and wonderful beginnings,
that people have greatness in them
and we can be so much better than we are,
because this is the kind of world
I want to live in,
then that's the kind of fool I want to be.

for Marian's prompt at Real Toads: April is for Fools and Poets. First day of the poem-a-day challenge and I woke up with these words in my head.  Happy April, kids!


  1. No you are no fool! Nor am I. But if we must be seen as fools for these beliefs, let's proudly wear the name!

  2. As Susan said, You are no fool Sherry...and neither is Susan nor me....but I have been a fool for far lesser yes let's walk proudly wearing the name! Bravo Sherry! :-)

  3. Oh this is so heartfelt.. no indeed we are not fools for believing.

    Lots of love,

  4. Thoroughly enjoyed the optimism of this poem! The world needs more like it.

  5. Amen! I prefer to be this kind of fool myself.

  6. I think dreams come true, it is just that we don't recognize them.

  7. This put the Doobie Brothers in my head, not a bad thing. :)
    I believe, too, Sherry. It is hard and sometimes I falter in this belief but... yes, I believe.
    Beautiful poem to keep in mind through crazy days.

  8. You are a compassionate 'fool,' Sherry! Oh that it could be as you imagine.

  9. Oh yes, let me also be that kind of fool

  10. And we will be "wild fools" together. Please post with the rest of us fools.


  11. Love the sunflower. Love you. Let's all be fools!

  12. " this is the kind of world I want to live in, ... that's the kind of fool I want to be"
    Me also, Sherry. Even when betrayed a few times.

  13. Oh, me, too, Sherry. Here's to rose colored glasses!

  14. We are, none of us fools, for believing. Thanks for this heart felt reminder that there is hope,,,

  15. Fools and believers, lovers and dreamers... But firstly poets! So soothing to read these words of hope in the storm that is our world.

  16. You're my kind of fool. And I don't apologise for how I am. The world needs to gather the wise fools and let their voice be heard.

  17. We have to be...this is a powerful write, Sherry.


  19. Agh. Wonderful poem-- I am worried about the fools too (though few) that may do something terrible. But better to just believe. k.

  20. Remember the song, "What a fool believes he sees/no wise man has the power to reason away"? I am another fool, as well you know. May we all be granted an abundance of foolish, fabulous notions in this world. Peace!

  21. It does happen ... sometimes. Which means it can, and you are not a fool to believe that.

  22. Me too! I think the Fool (as shown in this version of the Tarot) sees what he is, not the world for what it is. That has a way of turning everything on its head, which, I believe, is where it belongs ... or on its keister ..

  23. Sherry, you are, neither a fool nor a naïve romantic dreamer, in wanting to leave, a better world, for the future generations, which are still to come. Rather, a brave person, to express your desires, so.

  24. who live with kindness and compassion
    and give to others from their hearts?

    Certainly there are many good people. Those crop of trouble makers on the other hand are relatively insignificant but they make it with a bang causing havoc!
    And they get noticed, unfortunately



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