Monday, April 25, 2016

Day 25: a poem

Okanagan Lake

I come from a line of strong women
with hard lives,
from a house stale with cigarette smoke 
and booze in the bottom of the glasses.
I come from poverty and longing
for an ordered existence, 
for fresh frilly curtains,
for Normal,
from milk bottles on other peoples' doorsteps
that brought me to tears
on the way to school in the mornings,
a desire for Home bred bone-deep,
that has lasted all my life,
experienced but thrice.

I come from apple blossoms 
and weeping willow,
lake whisperings and 
peony-scented summer evenings,
music and dreams and a hope so bright
it kept me moving forward 
through the pain
of outgrowing my beginnings
into that shining Tomorrow
that was
the carrot of my youth.

for Susie's prompt at Real Toads: Where Do I Come From? Day 25


  1. I hope you feel that you got your carrot, and not too many sticks--wonderful, Sherry, hard--thanks. k.

  2. Sometimes we do just go on... I really see the way we had to find the carrot ourselves... my misery so different from yours, yet so much the same.

  3. I love the meeting of apple blossoms and weeping willows. This poem touched me in that it gave me a shiver.

  4. This is gorgeous, Sherry on so many levels. The pain and ache balanced with hope and beauty is so poignant. Brilliant work indeed.

  5. Gorgeous, gorgeous. I love the hope that spills right in between the two. And the light that now shines in YOU.

  6. From a harsh land
    Has sprung
    A beautiful rose
    Who graces us
    With her hard won
    Wisdom and heart.

    Thank you, Sherry.

  7. Such a moving insight into your life journey Sherry. It seems that a number of us have needed to carve out our own identity with quite a struggle.

  8. Humble beginnings make for sturdy roots and a strong growing tree.

  9. Sherry, sometimes the most difficult roots bring out extraordinary people. I has with you. I feel when I come here I am sitting at the knee of grace. Thank you so much for writing for the prompt!

  10. I come from apple blossoms
    and weeping willow,
    lake whisperings and
    peony-scented summer evenings

    Such beautiful images!!

  11. luv the encouragement of the carrots in your years of growing up

    have a nice Monday, thanks for dropping in at my blog

    much love...

  12. This poem has opened a tantalising window into your beginnings and made me admire the magnificent sight before me even more.

  13. Oh, this so, touches my heart~ I came from the rocky shore where love and disdain erodes the edges of my heart. I love this one, Sherry! Bravo~

  14. The last stanza dances in my heart. So beautiful and so real. So full of life and promises. ♥

  15. I can identify with some of your experience, and understand that hope and that dream. We have both been blessed.


  16. Beautiful in its reminiscence, longing and hope.

  17. This is incredibly beautiful and real.

  18. I've seen Okanagan Lake a few times when I was in Kelowna, Sherry! What a beautiful place.


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