Saturday, April 23, 2016


Solar Impulse 2 over the Golden Gate
in San Francisco
source: CNN

Like a beautiful dream,
soaring blue on blue,
a clean energy breakthrough,
history being made.

Excitement, as Solar Impulse 2, flying without fuel, solar-powered, successfully landed in San Francisco today after flying across the Pacific. There are no end to the possibilities, in switching to clean energy. It would be better for the planet, and millions of jobs could be generated by switching to planet-friendly technologies. Pilot of Solar Impulse 2, Bertrand Piccard, told the Secretary-General of the UN that the signing of the Paris climate agreement is "the launch of the clean technology revolution." May it be so.

source: CNN

Day 23


  1. One can dream, Sherry, and hope, we're on the cusp of a revolutionary change, in the way, this world operates. Kudos, to the dreamers, who built and design Solar Impulse 2.

  2. Absolutely agree. Let's hope! K.

  3. Ah, this really IS exciting. Hopefully this is the beginning of something great.


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