Sunday, April 10, 2016


Last weekend I ecstatically walked three wild beaches in Tofino
with my dear friend, the well-known Canadian poet, Christine Lowther

We borrowed Chris's landlord's dog, Meneena,
who was very glad of the outings. 
There is nothing happier than 
a dog on a beach. 
Tofino dogs are all lucky dogs.

Me and my camera, enjoying the view

The waves are wonderful this time of year.

...and the skies and colours are ever-changing.

It is truly magical, a power place.

Driving home through the mountains, at the top of one of the passes is this lovely, still little pond. A quick look, then through the mountains and home, restored to myself in soul, mind and body.


  1. Thanks for these beauties Sherry...

    1. So happy you could go and be refreshed,


  2. Brings us great happiness knowing you're recharged. It is a magical power place. Wonder filled pics!

  3. Sorry I missed you! But glad you had such a good visit Sherry. xJoanna

  4. I feel my heart's rhythm change looking at your photos and being reminded of the magic of the sea n' shore~ This place is a heart warming gift! I am so happy you went!

  5. ahh yes, to be re-charged with such powerful beauty! i could almost hear the waves splashing, crashing against the edges of the land but not before hearing the soft rolling of the waves coming to shore. quietly the white stratus clouds aproach yet leaving space so that the azure sky can still peer down upon it's green and brown attire.

    beautiful mi amiga

  6. envious of those photos, which not a single flake of snow is near. Still too cold to walk upon Toronto's beaches. Maybe, in a week or two, it will be possible.

  7. What beautiful photos, Sherry!!!!!


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