Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Global Citizens

We are all global citizens,
looking up at the same sky, the same moon,
sharing the air, the water,
the incredible beauty and bounty 
of Mother Earth.

We all have hearts 
peopled by our loved ones,
all dream our never-ending dreams
of better days.
We live in hope,
turn towards kindness
like pansies turn towards the sun.
We, individually and collectively, 
turn away from oppression,
our spirit-wings flapping
upwards and away
into the cerulean heights.

Whatever happens to one of us,
happens to us all.
Our fates are intricately woven:
wolf and human will feast or famine
together as the planet makes
its evolutionary journey.

Wherever on the earth we are planted,
wherever we feel we most belong,
we are much more alike
than we are different,
global singers
of a universal song.

for Susan's Midweek Motif : Citizenship

Given today's political undoings, I wasn't sure how to respond to this prompt. Until I remembered this truth.


  1. Yes, we are much more alike than different....if only we could all get along in a spirit of kindness and love.

  2. We musn't tur to politics with hopes of finding universal truths which are not about power and control. You've written something so true amidst all this political vell that wants us to think we are separate. Great poem Sherry.

  3. Sadly we are encouraged to hate each other especially perceiving non-threatening differences such as religion, skin color and eating habits as unacceptable. It was so easy when I first came to Australia with workmates from all over the world just wanting live and works somewhere safe. Gradually it is changing. Oh,to sing that universal song Sherry.

  4. Yes, but not yet willing to trust equality. I wonder what everyone is afraid of? It sounds so beautiful to me, and it could benefit everyone to trust in this truth.

  5. more alike than we are different... absolutely.

  6. The last stanza wraps up this messae beautifully. I love this sentiment. One song, one voice, one people.

  7. Truth is simple and omnipotent...every word here is proof of that Sherry...

  8. I love the idea of flapping away to cerulean heights - i wish more people sang your song..the world would be infinitely better

  9. This is gorgeously weaved Sherry such a profound write..!!

    Lots of love,

  10. I wish more people embraced the truth of your poem!

  11. Sadly, it's the monsters that prey on people's fears and ignorance, Sherry, like Hitler and Stalin have, in the past. We need to move beyond these fears and educate ourselves, how much alike we are, regardless, of the land, we call home.

  12. If only we remember this truth that we belong to the same earth, singing the same universal song Sherry ~

  13. harmonic song
    wolves devour humanity's edges
    kindness unites

  14. WE all need clean water . clean air...and undegraded soil to grow our food for starters. Without this say goodbye from everyone.


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