Thursday, April 7, 2016

Daisy Chain

She wove me a daisy chain bracelet,
her eyes blue as the cerulean sky.
She wove me a bracelet, not knowing
how swiftly the years would fly by.

She wove me a bracelet of flowers
under an Okanagan sky.
She wove me a bracelet, to show me 
our hearts were entwined, she and I.

She wove me a daisy chain, smiling
above the lake, under the sky,
no idea in that golden moment
all we'd go through, or how much we'd cry.

She wove me a bracelet of flowers,
forgiveness, as day comes to an end.
She wove  a daisy chain bracelet,
for her mother, her champion, her friend.

for Susie's prompt at Real Toads : Bracelet. Day 7


  1. This is beautiful! Such a heartfelt pen.

    Lots of love,

  2. I feel heartache in this - tender and moving

  3. Oh, Sherry. This takes my breath away. "her mother, her champion, her friend." I pray my daughter feels that way about me, one day.

  4. This is beautiful and your daughter must be as beautiful as yourself

  5. Pardon me, Sherry, but I do envy you and your daughter, for the relationship, the two of you, have. Sadly, only in my dreams, will my mom and I, ever be this close.

  6. "She wove me a bracelet, to show me
    our hearts were entwined"


  7. This is a lovely tribute to your relationship, and I remember the days of weaving flower bracelets with my friends,,

  8. This is so tender... such a wonderful memory of mother and daughter... that last few lines ties it together in perfection.

  9. This brings tears. I didn't know what pain would follow those idyllic days of daisy chains. We have survived, collected charms of sunshine, and gratitude for nature's comfort is the peace that sustains us.

    1. Thank you so much for writing and sharing in the garden!!!

  10. Ah lovely. Much conveyed in few words. K.

  11. Oh indeed, I can see the passage of time, with the fluctuations in the relationship between mother and daughter throughout it all. I hope there was some peace after the hard times for them both.

  12. I have no daughters, but I know this story from the daughter's side. Beautifully written.

  13. The days of flowers in the hair...How sweet and beautiful those days were...This poem restores the beautiful feelings of those precious moments.

  14. I love the repeating lines, how they are like the patterns of a bracelet, or the interwoven strands of the daisy chain. What a beautiful relationship.

  15. This chain tangles my heart with sweetness~ Thank you, Sherry!

  16. What a poem of love this is.


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