Monday, April 11, 2016

Only a Dream?

It's not practical, it's not reasonable,
you're not being logical,
you are too old to be dreaming,
they say, and maybe they are right.
All I know is, my heart sinks 
at the thought of giving up on my dream,
and soars to life at the prospect of it coming true.
Therein lies my answer.

for Elizabeth's prompt at isojournal for Day 11: to write a poem in ten lines or less using some or all of the words: practical, reasonable, logical, absurd, liberal, radical. I have heard those words frequently of late. Smiles. But how, I ask, does one live without a dream?


  1. To give up one's dream, is to death, one piece, at a time. You're never too old, to dream, Sherry. The only time, we stop dreaming, is when Death comes to take us, to another plane.

  2. Yes, keep going for it! That's what your heart says, that's more important than naysayers. Take a risk. Nicely penned.

  3. Yes! You must keep dreaming to stay alive.


  4. that's a fundamental question, Sherry, and one which I struggle with ~

  5. Oh yes. You're never too old to dream a new dream. At least...that's what I'M holding onto!!

  6. Keep your dream, Sherry. Keep your dream!


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