Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Bought a Ticket to the West Coast

Wild Woman was making big bucks in the city,
but her spirit was sore, wasn't feeling very pretty.
Then the wilderness called and it wouldn't let go
and she made a great leap 
to where the wild things grow.

She traded money and "security" 
for the joy of the shore,
and gained more joy than she'd ever felt before.
So if you have a dream that haunts your very  soul,
make achieving it your solitary goal.


LOL. For Elizabeth's prompt at isojournal: Day 5: to take a line from the Billy Joel song My Life and use it as either title or inspiration for your poem. Of course the line that leaped out at me is my title.


  1. Persistence, tenacity, Giddy-up! Leap to where the wild things grow. I couldn't live in the city without making my own wild place. I love that both you and Elizabeth wrote about a wild woman. I'll look forward to reading your conversation.

  2. I love that photo of you Sherry! I am glad you found your joy and left that big city behind. We all need to listen to our soul and "Giddy-up!" Love this!!

  3. Love the fact that we both reached for that wild woman reality. And yes, I think you should use both for the chat. We were coming from different places back then, but now the conversation has had time to be digested and is obviously feeding us with that wild woman nurture.


  4. cool pic, too. glad you made that leap ~

  5. I am glad you did this, Sherry! You have to express that wildness when you can, and without regret.


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